Avonwolf Al Capone Keith

Avonwolf Malinois 160118-54

Keith is a dog we’ve kept from Lucy’s first litter. He was the reason we bred Lucy as i was looking for another dog to compete with and could just not find what i was looking for.

Turns out he is EXACTLY what i wished for! I could not be happier with him, for me he is just ideal. A perfect sports dog in every way!

Keith’s character:

Keith has an extreme amount of drive, his ball drive was immense at an early age. He is also a very happy dog and wants to work anytime and anywhere. He can literally have been traveling in the car all day, then you let him out and the first thing he does is find a stick or a ball and throws it in front of you! He’s always like a hold back spring 🙂 if you open the door to his kennel or box he just flies out. His speed is incredible, he always gives me 100% and without winding him up or anything he always races himself and wants to be faster (what a dream for IPO!).

Avonwolf Bite Workshop 4_3_18-32

In tracking his excitment was a bit difficult to start with. His speed also showed in the track where we prefer a calm, deep nose. Keith absolutley loves tracking, his goal is to find things and get to the end and not pick up food (he has a great food drive but working is more important to him). We’re working on it and are on the right way 🙂 the main thing is he loves it and we can just increase the challenge and make it more difficult to slow him down.

Protection, again a dream! He has a full bite, not too calm I would say but he fights by pulling and not so much shaking which is what we want. He shows real dominance towards the helper and the more he’s challenged the more he turns into aggression and takes it seriously. We’re working him in prey completly at the moment as he has his natural aggression in him and I rather not push that further for the sport.

Avonwolf Bite Workshop 4_3_18-36

Off work he’s a very nice dog to have, he is ok with dogs, wants to greet them all. He loves females of course but since his first mating he does no longer like undone males who are bigger than him…. Small ones he won’t bother with but anything his size or bigger he needs to dominate. Neutered dogs he ignores complety. People he ignores in general, he’s not intrested in strangers and does not want to be touched. But he does every now and again bring them a stick and wants it thrown! He’s territorial towards house and car but in general is a real nice dog to have with a friendly nature.

I’m totally in love with this boy! ❤

Altogether, for me, he is a dream dog in the sport. Training him is an absolute pleasure!

Keith on working-dog click

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.32.47

D.O.B. 09-08-2014

HDA – UK 3/4=7

Elbows 0/0

D-Locus D/D (non carrier of the blue gene)

SDCA1 carrier

SDCA2 carrier

Cardiomyopathy with juvenile mortality clear

Trial qualifications                                                                                                        Date

BH                                                                                                                                        29-11-15

IPO1                                                                                                                                     02-04-17

IPO2                                                                                                                                     10-09-17

IPO3                                                                                                                                     03-03-18

FCI IPO world championship in Sabbiadoro Italy                                                     11-09-2018

Pictures from the FCI world championship 2018 click here

Pictures from club trials click here

Tracking at 6 months click

Protection with 7 months click 

Protection with 9 months click

Protection 1 year click

Escape December 2016 click

Keith at stud

Keith is a proven stud dog.

We offer Keith at stud to healthy females with good pedigree (or Afstammig certificate of Bloedlijnen), good hip scoring and a SDCA1+2 test with the score TT (clear) – we are Malinois lovers and want to do our best to keep the breed healthy.


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