M-litter (planned)

We are planning the M-litter with Avonwolf Gossip Girl (Chica) and Avonwolf Finnbar for summer 2023.

These pups should be middle to large in size, very prey driven and have an extreme will to work.

There is a waiting list for those pups, email us if you’d like to be added. No pet homes as always.

Avonwolf Finnbar

DOB 17-05-2019

Hips 3/7

Elbows 0/0

SDCA 1&2 clear by parentage

Avonwolf Gossip Girl

DOB 12-04-20

Hips 3/3=6

Elbows 0/0

Back clear

SDCA1 clear by parentage

SDCA2 clear by parentage