I-litter (upcoming)


3rd and last mating with Vox today, for the 3rd time we’ve had a good long tie. I think we’ve nailed it and it should all be ideal for a successful pregnancy – fingers crossed!


We did a second mating this evening 🙂


Today Xia and Vox had their first mating with a tie of a good 25 minutes! Thanks to Sharon at Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound who tested the cells first and told me to give it a go today 🙂 Keith didn’t say anything yet!!


Update 18-01-21

Xia is in heat!

This litter is fully booked, no more reservations are being taken

The I-litter is planned for Xia and Vox.

A mating planned for a very long time! I believe the craziness from Xia combined with Vox’s calm attitude will make a fabulous litter! I’m expecting them to be similar to the E-litter but a touch calmer and possibly bigger.

Xia is very high drive and a super serious female with a great nose on her. She’s a large female not for the faint hearted. At home she’s very calm and she absolutely loves people.

Vox is a fairly large male with a very clear headed calm attitude. His nosework is incredible, in obedience he’s easy to work because he dosen’t go into overdrive and is very stable in every way.

Planned for end of 2020 beginning 2021, I’m expecting fairly big dogs from this combination.