Born 28-03-21                                                                                                                       Litter 3/8


And just like that they’re all gone…. It was a lovley bunch the I’s very pleasant, although wild they were good sleepers lol. Wishing everyone the very best of luck, good health and long lives with them. Please keep us posted ❤


It has began, new teams are building ❤


Weather is still playing crazy, pups have come to work with me the last 3 nights and spent the night in the hey. They are very used to traveling by now and very confident in new places. Xia is still throwing up her food for them every now and then… Pups had chicken carcasses as well by now and I will worm them for the 3rd and last time now ready for them to leave on the weekend.



Pupsters came to nightshift last night, a night in the hey with thunderstorms outside was perfect! Great experiences for them and they did fab. In a shed like that it is loud and stuff is flapping and everything. Been sitting with them and they slept right through it 🙂


7 weeks today! Wow how time flies… Amazing how strong they already are (including their jaws!). One week left with them, let’s hope for some sunny weather!!


Still crap weather so still lazying around inside…


Weather is horrid…. the little ones have to spend most of the days inside unfortunately. They still get some enviromentals done though, everything is flapping around outside in the wind, the little tunnels are flying about and I make sure they are out for some of that 🙂 I also let them get wet a little, they got shelter so no problem but not when it’s hammering it down like it has these last two days. They’re eating a mixture of salmon, beef and some other meat mixes now. Xia’s milk has nicely dried up, she’s looking great for 6.5 weeks after a litter of 11.


Visitors again today and another happy allocated puppy 🙂 Miss brown will be with Jenny on a co-owning contract and hopefully be included in our future breeding program. Not long now until she can go into her new home!



We’ve had more visitors over the weekend and some definite picks on who goes where 🙂 not long now until it’s time to say good bye already.


We’ve been busy! Yesterday all day I’ve spend testing the pups for their suitability on their new homes. I think I got it now 🙂 hopefully allocated their characters ideally for their future job roles. I’ve also chipped them all and finished the second worming syrup. It’s a lush gang!!!


I have started their second worming course today, also the tunnel arrived. Thanks to covid it took a lot longer then expected…. Now they’re just destroying it lol.



They were 5 weeks on Sunday, time is running! We’ve done some good noise desensitization over the weekend, no reaction to the starter pistol either. Yesterday the first car journey and then they’ve spent the night in the hey, a great experience for them.



The signs started yesterday, Xia started to growl at them. This morning she threw up her breakfast for them, a very primal way of feeding her pups after the milk period is over. She is ready to go back to work 🙂 I will ween them off totally now and dry her milk up. Xia is done. Noise desensitization is going great too (besides having train tracks right next to the garden), neighbours are knocking down an outside building and pups are in the garden – perfect!!

Lateron, after club (our IGP club is finally back after lockdown) we’ve had the club meeting at mine with the pups of course 🙂 these pups seen so many people and kids in the last 10 days they’re bomb proof!



More visitors today, a future dog whisperer 🙂 because of the rain inside this time…


They’re getting three meals a day now Xia is going in less and less. I have started noise desensitization and they’re doing great 🙂




We’re on the second week of beef mince now and everyone is doing well on that too. Lots more visitors again including the neighbours kids 🙂 They’ll be bomb proof!


4 weeks today! Time is running!!

We’ve had a very busy visitors weekend, lots of people came to see the little ones. They’re doing great very open and outgoing. They also fight already with each other, and moan a lot lol.


Lots is happening!! With the 4 weeks approaching we have visitor season!! The little ones are very open and curious. Have cut their nails in the hope Xia will feed them a little more lol I’m feeding twice a day now and she does the inbetween feeds. First worming course is finished and they are spending all day outside in this lush weather.


Papers have been sent off! Will reveal names once they’ve been approved 🙂 Let’s hope the KC will get a move on.


We have keen eaters now, excellent! They’ve been out in the sun a lot today and we’ve started the worming today, they were rather unimpressed! They’re all a bit oily from the salmon in case you wonder in the pics. But that’s fine (also the fish smell in the WHOLE house…. lol) totally worth it! I have made such great experiences with pups weaned on salmon. Will also introduce them to beef in a bit but for now salmon does them the world of good.


3 weeks today!

3 weeks is always a big day, lots is happening at that time. Today they were outside for the first time for short periods of time. Also the first time I’ve given them some solid food, I’ve given them some salmon minced with whelpie puppy milk. They liked it! In the morning they were not too sure but when I repeated in the evening they were all eating. So I will help Xia from now on a couple of times a day, Tomorrow worming is planned.


Xia is doing great! Since we’ve caught her mastitis early and acted fast it looks all back to normal already. Big thanks to Sharon and Lisa who helped me sort this on a Saturday night. The nippl is fully in action again and no hardness anymore, those antibiotics do a great job.

Apart from that Xia felt bored in the puppy room and wanted to be involved again. Now in the livingroom she’s happy and relaxed 🙂 Keith is the only one allowed near her pups!


Vets again this morning, everything is looking good, antibiotics have kicked in already. Great stuff!

Pups have outgrown they’re collars so we’ve changed to the bigger ones. A few changes to recognise them:


Xia’s favorite little person came to make her feel better today 🙂 when she saw Jack she forgot how unwell she was and played all day with him. She even let him touch her pups and everything. She’s feeling better today <3.

2 weeks today, in time the first eyes are starting to open.


Xia started to feel unwell yesterday, I couldn’t point my finger at where but she seemed to limp fairy badly. Since she’s only been on two walks since the pups are born I couldn’t understand why she would limp. More worried about the fact she seem unwell rather then limping I started to monitor her closely. I took temperature at 8pm and it was slightly up. Vets! We did a scan as I was worried about a pyometra but luckily her womb looks fine, but it looks like the beginning of Mastitis. One of her nipples is fairly hard and I’ve put her on antibiotics now. Pups are fine and feeding well it’s just that one nip (unfortunately the back big one which we could really do with right now!) that caused her pain and difficulties to walk. We’ll sort this out now, I drain it and look after it and she should be back to normal inn no time. Poor girl.


The weights vary between 400g – 880g we have the whole lot from small to hugley fat lol Xia came on our walk today, first time she left the house in ages. She loved it! She also had the feeling she needed to make her position clear again and was bitchy to all the others ala ‘the sheriff is back in town!’…. typical Xia – cow behaviour lol. I’ve given her a bath when we got back, for A to wash down any possible germs picked up on the walk and B she was one due since birth. They always loose some blood for quite some time after and since she’s mainly horizontal feeding these pups all day that matted her fur on the back end. She’s feeling great now 🙂


Nothing to report, we got some fat ones, some smaller ones, some noisy ones and some content ones. Xia has only 9 nipples, one is missing!! We could really do with this one right now lol.



Everyone is doing great 🙂 here are some Individuals for you:


Everyone is drinking well and all seem good, couple of girls haven’t put much weight on yet but I’ll give those some extra time on Xia and the best nipples a few times a day :). Xia only has 9 nipples, don’t ask me why, one is just missing lol.

No back dew claws on any of them, good stuff, no need to remove anything then. Xia is just the most fascinating mum, she is an absolute champ in her role – love this girl so much!!


All 11 are drinking and doing well, so pleased!! Here is a video of the whole birth yesterday.



Half an hour after my last update Xia started contracting!!! Don’t ask me lol and so it began….

…. 14.08 we’ve had a boy!! With 310g I’m really happy now as I was concerned they might be really big given Xia’s size and I worried about struggles of delivery. Now I knew they are a great size and it’s just lots of them. 15.08 our first girl, I give her the pink collar, arrived with 320g. Xia is cool and relaxed and takes her time my queen <3. 15.31 second girl, brown, arrives with 330g. 15.42 the second boy arrives with 390g. 15.57 another girl arrives with 340g, I give her the light brown collar. 16.23 green boy arrives with 400g. I’m totally not needed here,Xia knows her stuff!! I’m just here to feed her and give her water and clean up messes lol. Orange girl arrives at 16.50 with 280g. 17.36 purple girl arrives with 450g. Xia is having a break with dinner and a nap whilst I quickly drive up the fields with the other 3 to power them out with the ball. Of course I come back and there is another in the box! Yellow turned up around 7pm ish with 350g. At 20.35 we got another girl with 340g, I give her the light blue collar. Last one to make an entry is the black girl at 22.42 with a whopping 490g.

I am now over the moon that Xia is doing great and just got rid of all my worries I’ve had during this week. We’re bot exhausted!!! I go to bed with my baby cam on and Xia next door leaving her in peace. My girl is amazing and just such a wonderful mum, happily I fall in a coma :).


Good news!! Everything is looking good, scan showed pups might not be quiet ready just yet since we’ve not seen they’re organs clearly in the scan (mind you she was a wiggle and it it was hard to see stuff). This means Keith might have been right and the second week of mating took rather then the first week where the machine said she’s ovulating. Therefor today is Day 60/63 and we can start getting ready again -GROUNDHOG DAY!!!! 🙂


Still nothing, I’m sleeping on the couch with Xia for the last 5 days – home for the last 6 with only short trips to exercise the other dogs and speed into the shops expecting the I’s any moment… Exhausted and slightly worried I have booked her into the vets today at midday. Xia still plays, eats and dosen’t look unwell at all, I can feel the pups moving as well so I’m not super worried but given the size of her I just can’t believe she would have taken on the second row of matings. I never had this, doing matings a week apart and boy can I see the difficulties now! Well either my maternal vet Sharon was right (she says she ovulated on the first week) or my boy Keith was right (experienced stud dog who didn’t show any signs until the second week). All I care about is a healthy Xia first of all and then healthy pups so keep your fingers crossed for us please.

***Be a breeder they said, it will be fun they said (!!) 🙂 ***


Day 63/63

Due date today but no signs! Mind you, we’ve done so many matings I don’t know which one she took on, today is due date from the first mating. Xia happily eats all her meals, no nesting at all and still playing ball regularly in the garden. She also wanted to come on a walk with the others but I didn’t let her. She needs to protect that belly now (94cm scope today!).


Day 61/63

I have slept on the couch with Xia last night, however she slept like a baby lol no signs of nesting and also she eat her whole breakfast so everything is looking calm still 🙂



Day 60/63



Day 57/63

Puppy room is ready 🙂


Day 53/63

10 days to go until due date from first mating and Xia is getting seriously uncomfortable. Got a feeling she’ll throw them out early!



Day 51/63

Xia is VERY fed up already… She is super big, I dread to think how much bigger she’ll get in the next two weeks…


Day 47/63

Scary how big she is considering how much longer we got to go… She’s on maternity leave now and is no longer coming to work. Proper milking it and the Diva moods are in full swing!



Day 38/63



Xia is confirmed pregnant 🙂 all looking well – happy days!! It looks like the first mating was the one we can count from.



Scan is booked in for the 25th but it’s looking rather promising!!! Not sure which mating to count from… Sharon will have an idea Thursday 🙂


6th!!! And last mating done, never have I had a situation like this but I’m pretty sure we’ve covered every possibility by now lol. I’m curious which week was the real one, we’ll see by the time of the scan. Xia – she never goes by the book – special edition my girl!



So yesterday Keith started to howl! He only howls when the females are at their peak… And today is one week since we first mated them?!? Nevertheless I trust my boy more then any machine so I took her last nigh again to Vox and boom we got another tie. Again today! I’m speechless and confused but Xia has been mated during her whole season lol think their having a great time! Never had anything like this before but hey ho we go with the flow ha


3rd and last mating with Vox today, for the 3rd time we’ve had a good long tie. I think we’ve nailed it and it should all be ideal for a successful pregnancy – fingers crossed!


We did a second mating this evening 🙂


Today Xia and Vox had their first mating with a tie of a good 25 minutes! Thanks to Sharon at Canine Pregnancy Ultrasound who tested the cells first and told me to give it a go today 🙂 Keith didn’t say anything yet!!


Update 18-01-21

Xia is in heat!

This litter is fully booked, no more reservations are being taken

The I-litter is planned for Xia and Vox.

A mating planned for a very long time! I believe the craziness from Xia combined with Vox’s calm attitude will make a fabulous litter! I’m expecting them to be similar to the E-litter but a touch calmer and possibly bigger.

Xia is very high drive and a super serious female with a great nose on her. She’s a large female not for the faint hearted. At home she’s very calm and she absolutely loves people.

Vox is a fairly large male with a very clear headed calm attitude. His nosework is incredible, in obedience he’s easy to work because he dosen’t go into overdrive and is very stable in every way.

Planned for end of 2020 beginning 2021, I’m expecting fairly big dogs from this combination.