Bandit Boccaro

Bandit is the sire to our C-litter

Bandit Boccaro 🇦🇹

Bandit is a operational Police dog in Austria, he also made 5th place at the FCI IPO world Championship in 2015 in Delemont.

With Bandit we are following the Arno’s line, a line we have been after for a long time already. It is a rather hard and civil line but for work an incredible addition to our own line. We’re matching Bandit with our social Alexa and have very high hopes in the outcome. On the father side from Bandit we have Da’Eder which is a female who produced several working champions in the past.

Apart from all that he is also trained as a drug sniffer and he does rather hard muzzle attacks too! He’s got it all!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 22.29.30.png

Bandit on working-dog click

D.O.B. 29-08-2011


ED 0

OCD free

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