We are aiming for:

Healthy dogs with no genetic defects, clear headed working dogs who are confident and social at the same time. Strong willed dogs with extreme drive which can be switched on and off. Strong nerves with a lot of prey drive, agile dogs which are always ready for action, determined dogs who have endless will-power. All together a reliable working dog which makes teamwork an absolute pleasure!

Genetic variation is a strong preference in our breeding program. We are aware that line-breeding and in-breeding has some advantages but in the long run it presents, in our opinion, many more problems than benefits. We are in love with this beautiful breed which has thus far managed to keep all of the amazing attributes it started with dating back to when the breed was first introduced. A dog which is bred for work, a dog which still is a dog in every way. Not always the easiest to handle, there is no better working dog out there with the intelligence and agility of the Malinois. We will do everything we can to keep it this way!

We will endeavour to achieve our perfect vision of this special breed. We will only breed with dogs we truly believe in and to our knowledge are fully healthy .

2 thoughts on “Breeding

  1. hi im a friend of ruth who has had two puppies of you, i am interested in looking in to getting a female, would like to talk to you about going on a waiting list, i walk dogs for a living, so feel i would love a new breed i have recently lost my irish setter, and feel i have the time to train a puppy, as i know alot about the breed from ruth. im at home and know i could provide a wonderful home to a high drive breed, plenty of exercise and trainiing as would love this dog to be a part of our family.

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