New Owners

Avonwolf puppies and their new homes

Our Malinois are not suited as Pets – we sell puppies into working and sports homes ONLY

Malinois are working dogs so to be happy they need to be worked. We won’t sell puppies to homes of people who just want a pet.

Our puppies are bred for sport, police, security or other service homes.

We believe the Malinois is the best possible family dog when it has enough mental and physical work on a daily basis. The love of their family will be endless and they will protect them no matter what. However, only a fully occupied dog is a happy dog and a bored Mali can very quickly become your biggest nightmare!

Booking a Avonwolf Puppy                                                                                                                  (priority is given to service homes)

If you like to get onto the reservation list (sometimes the waiting list can be over a year) you’ll need to come and meet us. Ideally at the IGP club so you can see the dogs work and we can have a chat wether this is the right kind of dog for you. For people in Scotland we have people there you can meet, we generally don’t agree on a puppy without having seen you around our dogs.

Once you have decided to book a puppy please contact us to let us know what combination you are interested in, what gender you are looking for and what kind of work you are planning to do with the dog. As soon as the puppies are born and we know how many males and females we have, we will go through the reservation list and contact everybody who has booked one in order of when the bookings were made. If there are not enough or no puppies in the litter your name will be carried forward in the list for the next litter. When the puppies are 3 days old we will start taking deposits – not before since there is a lot that can go wrong in the first 3 critical days. The chosen owners will then have time to choose their Pedigree name (a given is ‘Avonwolf’ and the first letter of the litter but apart from that you can choose any name you like) and pay in the £450 as a non refundable deposit. If the deposit is not payed in the first 10 days the puppy will go to the next person on the waiting list (because of experiences in the past we are no longer willing to wait for deposits and names – 10 days and then we’ll move on!). From the 4th week of age you are welcome to come and visit the puppies as often as you like. To avoid germ transfer and to avoid stress on the female we do not allow any visitors before the 4th week.

If you become the owner of one of our Avonwolf’s we will do our best to help with any problems which may arise.

Choosing Your Puppy

We will have a rough idea of which dog goes to which new owner by the time they come to week 6 and will try to help to find the dog that suits you best. Of course, personal preference will be a part of it but the most decisive factor will be the puppy’s character and it’s future job.

The Day Of Handover

By the time you pick up your Avonwolf the litter will be registered, chipped and the pedigree should be here as well (depending on the speed of the kennel club). The litter will also be wormed up to date and microchipped by me. Our puppies come NOT vaccinated, first reason for that is they leave us earlier then the first vaccination should be given. Another however is the fact that vaccinations are not coming without risks! Because of personal bad experience (with the L4 vaccination) we don’t feel we have the right, as much as we don’t want to be responsible for the decision which vaccination should be given.


Email me for current price, different prices apply for puppies purchased directly through services.

What comes with an Avonwolf puppy  

* Every dog we breed with will be hip and elbow scored. Only those with good results will make it into our breeding program

*We test all puppies for SDCA1&2 before they leave us

*All puppies will have the Thermo – Microchip implanted before they leave us

* Our dogs and puppies are all fed on a raw diet. Raising a litter on raw meat is the healthiest way in our opinion

* We spend a lot of time and effort socialising our dogs and we do several trips with the whole litter to give them the best possible start in life

* The pups will be familiar with living inside and outside by the time they leave us

*Puppies come with full KC Pedigree

*Livelong guarantee that the pup can come back to us at any time

OUR PUPPIES ARE NOT SOLD TO BE RESOLD if you decide to let your Avonwolf go then it will come to us for no money back! We want you to make a dog life long decision when you apply for a pup. If you want to run a pup on to sell on further then we suggest to buy from elsewhere! You will be signing this and we will enforce it. If a pup comes back to us we will find it a good home for the rest of it’s life, this is our responsibility.


We have not endorsed any pedigrees up to and including our 3rd litter. However we have changed our opinion on that and will endorse all our puppies from now on! Why? Because we are breed lovers and our goal is it to get the Malinois to the best possible standard, especially here in the UK. Our aim is to breed healthy working dogs with extreme drive. It’s not about making money (otherwise we wouldn’t travel the world to find the right stud dog!). It’s about a breed I have been in love with for over 25 years and it’s about breeding dogs with great lines which will be worth passing on. You are of course welcome to breed with the dogs you get from us but the one thing we really ask is that you check their health before you use your female for breeding or your male at stud. We do everything we can to make sure we have healthy dogs but nothing is guaranteed. Unfortunately 2 perfect parents can have occasional pups with bad hips or elbows and to make sure the breed stays as healthy as possible, dogs with any problems should not be bred from.

We will lift the endorsement if your dog has good scores from the BVA and if the chosen mate is tested for SDCA1&2 so that at least one of them is a clear.

Avonwolf’s worldwide

If you wish to have a puppy from us sent to another country that is no problem. However we ask for you to organise it’s trip! From past experiences we will not organise the trip, but we are happy to go with your traveling agency as long as there are arrangements made before the pup is 8 weeks of age.

In some countries a rabies vaccination is required which can be done when the pup is 3 months old. 3 to 4 weeks after the vaccine the puppy is ready to leave England.

If the dog stays with us for longer then 8 weeks we will charge extra.

Co-owning a female puppy

Usually our pick of female of each litter will either stay with us or go on breeding terms.

To keep our line going we are always looking for people who are willing to co-own a female so we can keep breeding regularly.

The requirements of a co-owning contract is that you live in the UK and work your dog in some sport or service job.

If you are interested in a co-owning partnership please get in contact .

If a change in circumstances beyond your control means you are not able to keep your Avonwolf we reserve the right to be first choice to have the dog back. You will sign for this.

9 thoughts on “New Owners

  1. Hi, curiosity question do you allow potential owners to pop over to your facility to look, ask questions and observe behaviour of your dogs? Thank you in advance

      • Hi everyone, with reference to our recent message, my pack (partner and child) are spending a bit of time in Wales during the weekend of the 13th of October travelling back on the 18th can we make an appointment to pop in and discuss the possibilities of seeing you all, but only if it fits in with your shedule.
        Thanks in advance Stuart

      • Hi Stuart, at the moment I have nothing booked in on this day. Could you email me beforehand to remind me please and let me know what time you have in mind?
        Could I ask you also what you are looking for to do with a Mali pup?

  2. Morning Ursi,
    In answer to your question, I’m looking to take up IPO as a sport for a Mali and my partner is looking to partake in Cani X. I would like to send you an email if possible to outline other parts of situation and some of my career experiences with animals lol I have an awful lot of questions for you
    Thank you Stuart

  3. Hi there. We live in Scotland and are looking for someone with whom we could meet up, have a chat, see dogs which came from your breeding programme in person? Is there a chance you could Help us get in touch with someone like this? Many Thanks in advance.

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