Howard des Mauvais

Howard is the sire to our D-litter 

Howard des Mauvais 🇩🇪

Is a very impressive dog! He is super confident and clear in his head, a large male with a social behaviour. We are in love with him for a while now and originally wanted to get a female out of him for our breeding plans. However we also believe he would be an ideal match for Lucy and do her last litter very much justice!

Descripton from his owner: ‘Howard is free of inbreeding until the 4th generation !!! He is a stable, very manoeuvrable, nerve-strong male who likes to please with his imposing gait and great charisma. He has a very high food and prey drive and is a very social, balanced male who is clear in his head.



D.O.B.   12-08-2012


ED 0/0

Spondy free

SDCA1 TT (clear)

SDCA2 wt/wt (clear)

IPO1 99-97-97

IPO2 98-93-98

IPO3 98-96-95