Arrack’s Home Xia

Arrack’s Home Xia at Avonwolf

Our crazy KNPV-girl!

Mum of the E-litter

I’ve imported Xia from Holland as a puppy. With the new regulations the process was not easy. We’ve had to wait for the rabies jab and find someone to look after her for the extra 2 months. Luckily we have great friends all over Europe which made it possible to have her in the very best hands until we could finally bring her home.


The kennel ‘Arrack’s Home’ is one of just a few KNPV Malinois kennels that breed dogs with FCI papers. Marc from Arrack’s Home is THE man for top Malis in this area.

Xia is from a third repeat mating. Her mum Kimmy produces excellent dogs and father Idefix is already a legend despite his early years!

We are proud to own one of these pups and have big plans for Xia.


Xia’s character:

Xia is an athlete! A very serious female at work but a total clown outside of work.

A female for real work, she would do well in any type of service homes like Military, Police or all sorts. Xia is not a dog for IPO, she is too serious in protection and is definitely not a points dog since she is stubborn and will go with her head through the wall!

Xia is a very honest female, she loves people and kids, however not so much other dogs. She is super dominant and must own everything! It’s all about her in the ideal world :). She is super loyal, very stable and reliable. Her pain level is 0! When she’s in drive nothing will stop her to get to what she’s after. She is territorial, the same in the car very protective. Xia is a very honest female, she will be clear and loud about it if she dosen’t like something or someone!

In training Xia is a typical KNPV dog, she has perfectly full and calm push in grips in the protection and is obsessive with the toy/sleeve. No chewing at all and no shaking, a very confident female towards the helper. In the obedience she is difficult to work, she hasn’t got that will to please too much. She’s an incredibly fast learner but rather does stuff that is more fun in her eyes! It’s slowley coming though and she is starting to enjoy it more and more. Tracking she loves, and is very good at! Her nosework all together is phenomenal, she tracked several legs at an early age already and now does search squares already with small articles.

All together we are very, very happy with her and she brought everything we were looking for. She’s a fab addition to our line and we’re excited to use her in our breeding program.

Xia is my work dog, she has the NASDU 2 certificate and is a super security dog! Also are we training fun KNPV stuff, who knows maybe one day we get the chance to put a PH1 on her 🙂


Xia on working-dog click

D.O.B. 17-08-2015

HD 2/4 = 6

ED 0/0

D-Locus D/D (clear)

SDCA1 TT (clear)

SDCA2 wt/wt (clear)

Cardiomyopathy with juvenile mortality clear




3rd session on the bite suit click

Protection with 15 months click

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.11.04


Xia has a total broom obsession 🙂 she just crackes us up!!!