Born: 23-12-16                                                                                             Litter: 4/3 (one boy died)


Green boy update!

The SDCA2 test is out now and confirms that this is what our green boy died from. We’re relieved to have answers finally but sad to here that there are even more types of ataxia in the breed which haven’t been discovered yet.


It’s time to close the puppy diary!

Chilli has just left us as the last one today. We wish all our puppies and their new families a very happy and healthy life. Keep us posted and hopefully see you all again soon!!


Avonwolf Chilli’


Miss purple “Avonwolf Chilli’ is still with us, she will be leaving us Thursday into a 5* home! She will be training IPO at our club and come back for a litter to us.


Busy times!

Today we’ve had 4 pick ups! Best of luck guys, have fun with your new families ❤

Miss purple was meant to go on breeding terms with us but that has fallen through now, we’ll give it a few more days to try find someone who is happy to give her back to us for a litter. Otherwise we’ll sell her fully later in the week.


7 weeks today!

This meant the first one has left us already! ‘Avonwolf Chunky Mabel’ (pink girl) starts her new life with Cameron, Clare and her new big brother Brogan today. She will be trained as PP dog, I can’t wait to see her progress 🙂 all the best beautiful girl!!! xxx


For the others we still have a lot of visitors, they absolutley love people!! Last night a few Fleece staff members decided after the gig to come and see them since it was the last chance before they all move out. So at midnight we all sat in the caravan having puppy cuddles 🙂 turns out we’re all badly scratched this morning lol


Chipping day!

It was time today for the big needle! Chris helped me by holding them, they were all very brave and only two bled a little. Only a few days left now and everyone will leave this weekend. It is time to be fair since they are very fighty with each other now! Trips are no longer possible since they are too crazy all together, same with pieces of meat, they will fight over it!! Mean little things are ready for their individual adventures now. We have our routine, in the morning when I let them out the caravan we do a little walk 🙂 through the garden, not easy since they try to bite my legs all the time!! Then in the run for breakfast. When it gets dark they go back in the Caravan since it’s dry in there. Yesterday i spread chicken and duck feet all over the run, they had to use their noses to find them. Was great! Also we’ve done more gun training, they should be pretty solid and ready for the real world 🙂



Today I took everyone to the club! Sunday training in Stroud, lots to explore on the airfield. They loved it 🙂 the drive was 1 hour each way, on the way there they were pretty loud I have to say! On the way back however they were totally zonked out from the busy exploring day :)!

Seb will be a new member of our IPO club with the red boy who is now called Calibre. Today was his first session for him 🙂 although he came back home with me for another week. I’m super excited to have one of the C’s at my club and can’t wait to see him progress!


We’ve a had a bit of sun today! I tried my best to do some individuals, not easy with these wiggles!!


6 weeks old today!

We’ve had visitors all day again and also a hell of a lot of rain and mud…. So much that I have decided to have them back in the caravan in the evening now. Although they don’t mind at all and happily play in the mud whilst it’s hammering down heavily – thoughies! Video click. Alexa is no longer with them now, she has stopped feeding them and had enough! Another worming paste course started today and also I think I have made the matches for who is going where 🙂 it fits, I think it fits again just perfect! Not long to go with the C’s now!


The test results are back!!! And it’s not what we’ve expected…. Unfortunatly green boy died to another type of Ataxia wheter the one we have tests for. There are several different types of Ataxia and only one test has come out just yet. They are on the second one and hopefully soon it can be tested for that type as well, although they think there are even more than two types of it… Anyway, 6 puppies are free from the SDCA1 (the type we have a test for) and 1 is a carrier, also Alexa is a carrier.

Apart from that we took the puppies to the Fleece today 🙂 Like always they attrackted A LOT of people! Barstaff, Band members, office people, friends from all those and people who just walked by! Everyone came in for puppy cuddles, they had a blast! How many times I’ve heard ‘this is the best day EVER’ haha it was awesome. Puppies just have a magical effect! The little ones were very confident, they love people. Also they had a good run around in the venue, everytime someone walked by they followed :). The car drive was about 20mins each and they are cool now without any mess in the car whatsoever!


On the way home from his night shift Ryan and Milo came to see the pupsters. Milo is Alexa’s brother so he needed to check on his nieces and nephews of course ;). I had a hell of a job to make sure Miss Pink won’t get stolen by Ryan since he head over heels fallen in love with her!!

They also got introduced to Vegetables today, beef minced mixed with blended up salad, egg and spinach topped up with coconut oil – not much excitment at all! Typical kids don’t like to eat healthy!!


Tonight’s adventure is meeting the cat, swimming and rest and dry in front of the TV. Once again they did fantastic!


The night in the kennel went great! Also Alexa is fine, she probably enjoyed that!!

Chris got back from tour with his band last night. He got lots to catch up on at the Fleece today so we’ll do the Fleece later in the week👍🏻.  Today we went to Jolley’s pet store instead. The trip was fine, not much wining at all and no mess whatsoever😃. At the shop the pups met tons of people and dogs, everyone wanted to touch and hold them :). They did great!! Back home I’ve given them a big fat turkey wing so I could clean out the sleeping area and put nice new straw down. Red boy again took that one over! Apart from that, since it’s Monday it’s Tripe day at our place. For years Monday is meat free and my dogs get less then the usual amount and tripe only. So today the puppies joined in on Trip Monday 🙂 of course they had the full amount of food and also the Turkey wing, but also tripe for the first time and they loved it!! 3 times tripe, once with two crushed raw eggs inlcuding shell and the wing and in between little sips of Alexa’s supermilk 🙂 – Alexa is free in the garden all day long, even when I take the other dogs out. She is so sound here with us now I trust her. She can jump in and out to the pups as much as she likes, she’s loving it! Only at night I keep them seperate now, she is not feeding them much anymore and her milk is nicley reducing. Soon she can go back home where she is missed very much!!


We have daily puppy visitors. Yesterday and today more future owners were here, the pups love people and are very curious. Many trips are planned for next week since this week was too tough to have the energy to do them. The Fleece will be the first destination i think :). Tonight I will seperate them from Alexa for the first time, they don’t need her anymore so we will start drying her milk more and more now by keeping them apart a bit more.


Miss Pink


5 weeks today.

I’m spending a lot of time with the puppies, they are just awesome! They are very drivey now, ragging and fighting (can’t remember the last litter fighting like this! They are serious and mean!!). So much fun they are now and also they hurt a lot already. The awful thing is that I’m watching them like a Hawk, every wrong movement or every slight wobble (they are 5 weeks old, they are still wobbly!) I question them as if they are starting to show some signs…. It is very hard but I think as for now they are all sound, happy and healthy.


The day after…

…. still very hard times, I had to bring his body to Langford today… Very hard times! Tests will be done and samples will most likley be sent to Switzerland to the specialist Nico Mauri. The blood samples we’ve taken yesterday should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully early next week we will have some results and even more hopefully they will be good! Keep everything crossed for us please.

For the other 6 strong little pupsters, they had a nice Beef/Banana/Salmon oil dish. Not too much to their liking 🙂 some fussy eaters, miss Pink refused totally and Red needed quiet a bit talking into first lol. Kids and fruit hey! They will learn, they will get Banana again tomorrow!! John is here again today, Alexa’s daddy. Here for support and taking Alexa and the pups out for me whilst I’m dealing with the circumstances. I have to say I’m amazed at the respond, so many breeder from around the globe have gotten in contact with me in the last two days. People who want to help the breed!! Only together we can move things!



The worste day!! RIP little boy…. 16298576_1192310580818769_8033213614975733251_n

This morning my heart got broken…

It started last night, the green boy went downhill very rapidly. He struggled getting up for several minutes. Although he did not seem in pain at all he seemed to have lost his coordinations totally. Once up he would be bitey just like the others and when I fed them he would be the one eating very well if not most out of all of them. But also his eyes, he never seemed to look straight towards you. In fact he seemed like an Autistic child or similar. I have done masses of research in the last few days. The first signs he showed me, now thinking back, must have been on Thursday already. He seemed unsettled, wining a lot, sometimes even screaming, but well in himself afterwards. Friday a neighbour came to see them and I remember telling her that the green boy is worrying me since he’s always moaning. Saturday we’ve had visitors again and when they went into the puppy pen everyone came running out but him. When I checked in the kennel, where the heat is, he seemed fast asleep. I woke him up and it took him a while to be fully up and running. Sunday same again plus being unsteady on his legs. Monday he got worse and would fall over sometimes and also walk into things… I would bring the food bowl and everyone would run towards me, he also wanted to come but ran the other way. That happened several times. My research and long worry kept coming towards Ataxia. Although it has not be confirmed yet that this is what happend but Ataxia is our suspect no.1, tests are being done as we speak and we will know more shortly. I have read this article from a breeder who went through this horror just like I do now. It must have been 2011 when I read this, a german breeder who had the same symptoms but in several of her pups. At the time no one knew about Ataxia in Malinois so for her it was even worse not knowing anything. She did the only right thing – a massive thanks and also big respect to her on taking the step and making it public and bringing it out there!! Mareike Wollschlaeger for anyone who has a fairly good german, read her story here http://www.malinois-unter-schwarzer-flagge.de/html/ataxie.html). Mareike had to put down 3 of her pups because of this condition and she made it her mission to put it out there and move things!! And exactly that I will carry on! Towards the end of last year there has come out a genetic test for the condition. Since it is such a big thing in the breed and sadly most breeder make a secret out of it, the breed is really affected. How does it work? Well so it goes: Ataxia (SDCA1) is an inherited disease, it will need two carriers to create the illness. So if a carrier is being bred to a non carrier there is a 50% chance of half the litter being a carrier. These dogs are completly healthy, however if an animal like that (like Alexa, she must be a carrier) is bred to another carrier (Bandit, will also have to be a carrier if we’re right with our assumption) then you create a 25% chance of puppies having the disease, another 25% should be totally free, so non carriers and 50% will most likley be carriers but healthy. If we know we can avoid it of course!! But since this research has only just started and the tests are only just out since last year most Malinois are not tested! In my further research (thank god I speak german since over there it is way bigger then in any other country) I also think I have found the original dog who brought the disease into so many lines. There was a ‘superstud’ back in 1988, him and his brother (from the same mother) have been THE stud dogs at the time. Very influentual dogs for the breed, extraordinary dogs! I have read about this famous kennel who had symptoms for the illness then in several litters. But the puppies ‘have been put away’ and it hasn’t been dealt with the issue. This happend then and it happens now! I understand that some breeder take risks to create THE ULIMATE working dog, some risk will have to be taken to get forward no doubt BUT the outcome needs to bring us forward. Us breeder must have only one vision and that has to be to create healthier and better dogs and nothing else. If that’s not the case and money is a factor then the breed will go downhill very fast and one of the last pure working breeds will die out and become what happened to so many breeds… Now what? Well I know what I will have to do!! My gorgeous green boy will not have died for nothing!!! I swear we will only get better from here and I will put everything I have into improving the breed, educate people and test the hell out of my dogs! It is not feasable to stop breeding with carriers since, and this is just a rough idea from the little information I have found so far, there is probably around a quarter, maybe a fifth in the breed who carries this gen. I mean this superstud (I won’t mention names, if anyone is really interested please email me and we’ll discuss) is responsible for an enorm amount of dogs – good dogs mind! We will have to test dogs who go into breeding, I will do so by testing not only my dogs but also puppies who leave us. The ones who will be going into breeding and are carriers will have an endorsement in the pedigree to only be bred from if the other part is also tested and non carrier. Tests are easily done and some even do them for free to get a healthier breed!

It’s a horrible day and since I am absolutley beside myself I didn’t manage to bring him myself. A huge thank you to my boyfriend Chris who is just a one in a million and my absolute love, I can not thank him enough for going through this with me and also taking the boy to the vet this morning for me. He has been in his arms since he left, he didn’t go in a crate where he would have been worried all along, no he was on his lap on the way there and in his arms when it happened. He was never in pain or panicking, we took the blood off him after so he does not have to worry in the slightest way! It was an awful thing he did for me, I’m ever so greatful for that

Another worrying thing is that 25% of a litter would statistically be affected. So I’m hoping with the bottom of my heart that no other puppy will start… Usually you see signs within 4-5 weeks. Our pups will be 5 weeks of age by Friday so please keep everything you have crossed for us that we do not have another affected pup in the litter. This disease will show before puppies go into new homes, there is NOT a worry of them starting after that. Affected puppies will in every case have to be put down by 3 months of age, so an affected dog like this will never make it to breeding age. Therefor there are only carriers out there, no affected dogs.

For more info and if you would like to get your Malinois tested and be part of the research please have a look here: http://www.genetics.unibe.ch/research/documents_dogs/cerebellar_ataxia_in_the_malinois/index_eng.html

I would also like to say thank you to Nico Mauri at the University in Bern for his daily contact going through this with me.

Massive thanks to Lisa Jenkins and her other half James for helping me from the first signs to all along to the end with researching with me and being an enourmous help even in the middle of the night!! Can not thank you guys enough – friends like you!

Another thank you to Josef Haas, the owner of the Father of the pups, for doing Bandit’s bloodtest as well and sending it to Nico Mauri.

Now for all the hardcore ones of you who are interested about learning more about this, I will send you a clip of the green boy last night. It’s awful! But if you like to see the sign he showed us who made us ring the vet and book him to be put down (yes that’s how awful it was!).

With the bottom of my heart, I wish NO ONE to go through this so please, please get your Malis (and Tervurens for that matter) tested before you thinking of breeding from them. We’ve had to learn the hard way…


Today we took all our dogs to the vet for the blood samples. 11 dogs jamed into my van!! Now the waiting begins…

As for the pups’s first trip – usually today was planned to take them to the Fleece as we always take pups, but circumstances changed…. We will do the planned trip next week. So the drive was almost 1 hour one way. Puppies did fantastic!! Although they had support from mum, grandmum, oncle and so on but everybody did really good. No screaming and no wining, a little throw up but whoever has been to our place knows how rough our path up to the main road is! Also at the vet they were great. Tough little monkeys who are now already superstars because they are helping the breed with their samples!


Right first of all the bad news! Green boy is worrying us for a few days now. He is very slightly behind with his motoric. Meaning he is a lot more unsure on his legs then the others although he does play and fight and also eats almost more in comparison, he seems more passive. But since I’m a worrier I took him to the vet this morning to have a check over. Now he’s 100% healthy in all tests, eyes, ears are looking great. He hears and sees and looks like a good and playful pup! It was only when I’ve showed them the videos that they are agreeing to see him being more unstable on it’s legs. Well there are many possibilities, simple things like Alexa might have stepped on him or something. There are also much more worrying things like possible liquid in his brain or horrible stuff like Ataxia…. I have cried my eyes out over every possibility already, but only time will tell! He is happy in himself and playes just like the others so we will keep a very close eye on him and hope for the best!

Everyone else is doing fantastic, they fight quiet a lot already!! Some real Meanies in this litter! We’ve had more visitors yesterday, the owner of one of the girls came with her future big brother. They are very open in meeting people – good pups! The meals are inlcuding eggs with shell as well now and I will start adding veg soon.



First of all I’ve folded last night….. it was -2 and I was cold in the living room so I brought the heater back in the puppy room! I know they were fine and they would have been all night but I coudn’t sleep if I wasn’t 100% sure they are ok…..

Aaaaanyways 🙂 today the first visitors came by (well just over 3 hours they drove to see the little Maligators!) the owners of one of the boys! Alexa is not ready for visitors, she would still like to kill anyone who goes near her pups…. A well, we can manage without her! 😉 A good mum after all!



First of all mister yellow has his ears up! 🙂 – 4 weeks old today!

It’s a very interesting week the 4th for us since we start with the adventure! We have lots planned for the coming week and onwards. Today we started with some noise training and I’ve fired a few gun shots. I’m happy with the results, they are attentive but not worried in any way – good pupsters! I’m feeding them 3 times meanwhile and today was also time to start the second worming. I’ve weight them as well today and the result is between 2880g and 3390g.


Yellow boy


Big day!

The pups spent all day outside, Alexa loves her freedom, I just leave her outside so she has the whole garden and can jump into the puppy run if she feels like it :). My gang has met the pupsters today as well. Since they’ve only smelled and heard the pups (apart from Lucy who has met them already) today I took them to see them behind the fence. Xia was very interested but a bit unsure at the same time, so I will keep her at a distance for a while that’s for sure. She’s a bully and will be too rough with them. Keith coudn’t have cared less! All he’s interested in is his ball!! Vox was very faszinated

Apart from the meet and greet with the big boys and girls they also had their first piece of meet! It’s always very interesting to watch, one of my favorites the day they get to enjoy meat on the bone for the first time:). See for yourself click Red started it off, like he never eaten anything else lol and in the end they were all over it all together! Happy pupsters – happy days!

Dinner was served in the dark! Another first, I’ve left them outside until 6pm and it was total darkness by then. Also a new experience, they seemed a lot more vary when I approached with my torch – great training 🙂

Now they will all sleep well I think! Busy days for the little ones – and myself!!!! 🙂


First time outside! I’ve got bored of waiting for good weather 🙂 so today I got the outside area ready. I’ve desinfected the puppy kennel and got the playground outside. Took them all out and they had a great time! All afternoon they were out with Alexa, they got straw and heating in the kennel in case they are wet from the rain outside. They loved it!


The eating is going great!

They’ve had 3 days of beef mince which seemed to have gone down very well. So this morning I started with minced chicken which I’ll do for a few days now. We’ll work our way through to get them used to all sorts of meat, little stomaches aren’t complaining so far so happy days! I also start to reduce Alexa’s food now to wean them off her slowly. I do two feeds atm and she does the rest 🙂

Since today is milder then the frosty past few days we’ve had I’m taking the heater out their room today. I have been slowly heating less and less in there and given them a lot of straw. They are all happy and comfy in there, when I come in they are on their backs asleep and not curled up together so I think it’s time to get them used to the cold. Tonight is only suppost to be 9 degrees so a perfect time to take the heater out. Looking forward to some dry weather soon (fingers crossed!) so they can go outside in their puppy playground soon for the day.



Today I’ve noticed that the pink girl has a bend in her tail. No idea how that happened, might have been something at birth or later. Maybe Alexa stepped on her or something, but since it isn’t bothering or hurting her it just makes her special 🙂 she looks like a Scorpion lol.


This morning I weight them all – not doing it daily anymore since they wiggle too much! – and the weights are not going as fast up as they used to now. So this tells me Alexa needs help. The teeths are coming through now so ready to start them on solids. So I tried😊 Given them minced beef with goatsmilk yoghurt and it went down GREAT!😃

All eat and they eat lots! Let’s see how they digest it but I will start daily now so Alexa can take it easy a bit more👍🏻



First night went great! They all LOVE it!! Alexa the most😊  She loves to have the choice of being where she likes to be, she had room to be elsewhere before as well but now she has lots more space👍🏻.

She still seems to have plenty of milk so no need of offering them some solids just yet. The longer I wait the better since Alexa’s super milk contains all sort of good stuff😃


We’ve decided to make a move! Alexa is well bored in her puppy room now and needs more space. So we’ve turned our Caravan into a temporary Puppy room, here Alexa can get away from them and has her space as well as lay in the straw with them if she feels like it. I have put a heater in there so they’ll be nice and warm. They all seem to like it, we will see how the night goes.

Apart from that I have given Alexa a very much needed shampoo bath today 🙂 now she smells like a Coconut – much better lol


Alexa – silly monkey lol – was ‘helping’ me with my super boring accounts this evening…. Took a bit longer 🙂


This morning the first proper bark came out the whelping room! Later when I weight them and adjusted the collars (needs to be done daily since they grow like weeds!) I’ve put them on the floor quickly and they RAN away 🙂 ha! They are fast now. First worming is completed now. Also Alexa is not so much in there anymore and clearly gets more bored in the whelping room by the day. Not long until we start putting them in the run outside for  short periods, weather could be better for that though.. We’ll see.

Also Lucy met her grand kids for the first time today! She is just awesome, she would have loved to take over Alexa’s job right away – see for yourself clickunnamed.jpg


Our 7 Dwarfs are 2 weeks old today! In time with that the first worming was on time. So we’ve started the 3 day course today and also clipped their very sharp nails. Apart from that they’ve outgrown (yes already!) their Velcro collars and are now wearing the proper ones. All deposits are payed as of today so therefor I’ve sent off the Pedigrees with the new owners chosen names. Alexa is still a fab mum and has plenty of milk – I’m still jobless, happy days!

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 19.22.51.png


Individuals from the fatties with open eyes for you today – enjoy!


John has been down for a couple of days! All the way from Liverpool, Alexa’s owner (we own her on breeding terms) has come down to see his girl and her proud litter. Everybody loved it and it was hard for him to part with her again today. He’ll be back in 2 weeks though :).


First eyes are open! Blue boy has opened his eyes today, followed by the pink girl who isn’t fully open yet but already slightly 🙂

These guys are very advanced, looking very much forward to them progressing! They do short walks already too, a few steps and then they fall but it’s all about trying ;).


Happy new year!

I took one for the team last night and stayed at home. Wanted to make sure Alexa is calm whilst the fireworks go off, plus our neighbours were having a NYE party right outside Alexa’s window! But Alexa amazed me and was most of the time fast asleep! The only time Alexa barked was when next doors Cockerpoo barked (which was like every hour). Nothing at the fireworks and neither when all the people were outside being drunk :).

To an exciting 2017 – cheers!


One week old!

Time goes fast and they sure grow quickly! Today is also the day some of the pups have cracked the 1kg border! 7 days and yellow and green boy are over 1kg already, it took both Lucy’s litters 13 days for anyone to be that heavy! Alexa is almost giving out a liter milk a day already – things are looking good 🙂


They are huge! Puppies are all little fatties 🙂 Alexa has plenty of milk so everything is going well. The puppy run is also ready (a bit early but Chris is off on tour with his Band soon, so rather early then late). Our puppy kennel has heating inside, so as soon as the little ones are 3-4 weeks old we will start getting them used to being outside. First in the daytime only and then slowley longer until they sleep out there. We want strong working dogs so they’ll need to get tough quickly:). The run is based right outside the house where everyone gets in and out past them all the time. This way they will get used to people and dogs very quickly.


Of course we have our puppy spread sheet again 🙂 call us crazy but we like to do stuff properly! Weights are looking great! All in the same weight area – happy days!

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 17.23.52.png

Alexa is also looking good, she gets double the amount of her normal food intake. It will triple soon since she will need more and more milk.


The first 3 critical days are over and everyone is doing great😃

These are super strong pups! They were born with weights our previous litters gained by 10 days!! Super happy with them and also with first time mum Alexa. She raises them like a pro!

We have no dew claws on the back legs in this litter – great stuff so no need of clipping anything.


Second day of our C’s😍

Everyone is doing great! Alexa is an excellent mum and visibley proud of her little ones. She came out to play today, not long but short and intence lol.

We have some individual pics for you, they are just gorgeous!!!

Merry Xmas all – we’re enjoying our Xmas miracle🎅🏽🎄🎁


Day 61/63

Whilst the storm Barbara is outside, Alexa gave birth to 4 boys and 3 girls.

Lucy jumped out very shocked at 8am this morning, she let me know that her grandkids are on the way! Alexa gave birth on her own, not in the whelping box but on Lucy’s couch in there… 🙂 Of course – why make things easy if it can be difficult lol. Chris didn’t sleep all night because she was digging around in her whelping box heavily. She was getting ready! We got in the room and watched her delivering the second pup, after that however she wanted to be left alone. Probably because we’ve had to move no.1 from the couch into the whelping box (to avoid her crushing it since the couch is very un ideal for giving birth!). So we carried on watching on the baby-monitor, she seemed a lot calmer after that. Alexa is a fab mum and carried on delivering instinctivley and independent on her own. The times were 8am – 10.35 – 11.10 – 11.55 – 12.05 – 12.45 – 13.30. We are super happy with 4 boys and 3 girls. All looking strong and healthy – Merry Xmas 🙂

Red boy 540g

Pink girl 430g

Blue boy 500g

Purple girl 495g

Yellow boy 540g

Orange girl 465g

Green boy 505g




Day 60/63

Alexa is super grumpy (can we blame her?) she does not want anyone in ‘her’ room. We respect that and let her get ready on her own. Apart from pee rounds every few hours – where she is very happy though, she even plays ball outside but just for a few minutes and then rushes back upstairs in her room – we leave her to her nest making behaviour.

Not long now! She is enormous! But still no signs, she dosen’t eat much anymore, no room left….


Alexa has arrived at our place now, she seems a bit stressed from the long trip. We’ll do what we can to get her comfortable in her puppy room and leave her to it as much as we can.


Day 58/63



Day 52/63

Getting big 🙂 exciting times ahead!


Pregnancy confirmed😝

We’ve seen at least 6 puppies but more were hidden behind organs lol.

Alexa has been mated to Bandit on the 23rd and again on the 24th of October.

Our C-litter is planned with Avonwolf Alexa and Bandit Boccaro. We’re expecting the C’s around Xmas.

Bandit Boccaro, Bandit is a Austrian Police dog and placed 5th at the FCI all breeds last year in Delemont. We have permission from the Austrian Police to use him.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 17.20.12.png

Full Pedigree click

Avonwolf Alexa

Avonwolf Alexa

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 22.19.53

Bandit Boccaro

We have a lot of bookings for this litter get in contact with us early if you like to get on the reservations list.

Puppies will go into service and sport homes ONLY.