Maho Van de Berlex-Hoeve

Maho is the sire of our A-litter

Maho Van de Berlex-Hoeve  🇧🇪

Why we’ve chosen Maho (Father of our A-Litter) 10679653_982772428402768_6184490185284582356_o

Having met Bert and Nicole Aerts, I was impressed with all their dogs and with the breeding goals of these very experienced dog handlers and breeders. There is a lot of heart involved and I completely trust they’re opinion. When we met they introduced me to Nero vom Haus Mecki who impressed me straight away. I was amazed with the ease with which he could be switched on and off whilst being a very social dog at the same time. Nero has produced many, many good offspring who have already proven themselves.

At the Berlexhoeve kennel they mated Nero with their own breeding bitch to produce Kat DeLuna, the mother of Maho. Also she impressed me a lot with her very high work drive and social behaviour. Luna was mated to Erec von der schöenen Ecke. The combination is very promising and the early results are already showing in young Maho.

Maho is based in Belgium, we traveled over there to mate our Female, Lucy.Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.47.24


Maho on working-dog click 

D.O.B. 21-5-2013


ED normal (0/0)

clear back


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