Born 17-05-19                                                                               Litter 5/5 (one male still born)

All puppies are reserved


Time to close the puppy diary!

It has been awesome with the F’s and I’d like to thank all the new owners for giving them such great homes! Also thanks to my neighbours for being so cool about the noise and understanding (and appreciating them so much :)).

The last two left this morning Avonwolf Fable (yellow female) and Avonwolf Fury (light blue male) have joined Cumbria police. Very best of luck with them guys, looking forward to seeing their process.



Last night with the last two pups. These two future PC’s will leave in the morning to Cumbria. It is always with a sad face as well as a smilie one when they leave. You get attached after having them that long! But at the same time these future owners are chosen very carefully and I really believe each one of them will have a fab life!! As in the contract if any circumstances change in their lives they will be coming back here and we will take it from there. Lifelong guarantee of always being able to come back to us is no question!




Avonwolf Faith (pink female) and Avonwolf Flack (red boy) have left to Surrey Police today and will start their sniffer future.



Miss purple which is now called ‘Fire’ Avonwolf Firestarter has left today. Best of luck with her Robert.



Today Avonwolf Falco (black male) left to Scotland to start his IPO journey with Brian. Also brown female Avonwolf Falcon has left to start her Canicross career once she’s old enough. She’s also lucky to have an animal physio as her mum :). Best of luck with them guys!


A trip to the IPO club. Which means another 40 minute car ride each way, on the way back I kept the back door open a bit so very loud and windy. Nobody, again, was sick or messed in it! Good guys 🙂 Mum Elsa was there and brother Finn amongst a lot of new dogs and people for the little ones.


7 weeks today! That’s gone fast… Avonwolf Finnbar (dark blue collar) has left today, he will stay with his mum Elsa and is at our IPO club in training! Best of luck with him Jackie, looking forward in following his progress!



3rd worming paste has been swallowed and some very good updates from Avonwolf Freya have come in: ‘First visit to socialise at the vets today. She was kidnapped by staff and handed around everyone. She was brill. She even had a wee girl pull her ears and examine her teeth! ( a future vet nurse perhaps?!). So far she has met 18 dogs and 30 people.’ 🙂 🙂 🙂


Today our traditional trip to the Fleece was happening. The journey in the van went well, it was a hot day so the fan was on which is quite noisy. There was no mess at all in the van and the journey was 45minutes one way. At the fleece they were all very outgoing towards the lot of people who made it down to see them. Apart from the required earplugs in the van it was all a very positive first trip 🙂


And so it begins…. Avonwolf Freya has left us already! Green collar girl is now in Scotland and has an agility future ahead of her. She is living with her auntie Avonwolf Breagh part time 🙂 Best of luck beautiful girl!


We have just come back from Glastonbury where a few of us were the first dog teams at this festival. Whilst the pups’s grandma and Uncles were fighting intruders auntie Rosie was puppy sitting and did a fab job including cutting their nails 🙂


Besides the gun firing whilst they are eating I make a lot of noise around them. Today I put a paddling pool into them and they all started to investigate and slowly get wet. It was almost 30 degrees so the pool was a lovley cool down them all.


I threw in a whole chicken today lol.  They are Piranhas!! Within minutes they demolished the lot!! (Video on FB)


5 weeks today, time is running!! My time with the F’s is counted ;( they are such a lovley bunch. Second worming paste was due today and therefor weighing was nessecary. They are all between 1.8kg – 2.2kg, still now a totally equal litter between males and females. Everybody is so open and confidently has the tail up all day ❤ Elsa is no longer feeding them so I have taken over that job fully now and feed them 3 times a day. She’s still around them and likes to guard them but the milk is now drying up which means she can go back home soon and go back to training 🙂



Here they are, I know you’ve all been waiting for them 🙂 INDIVIDUALS enjoy:



Lots is happening!! We’ve had several visitors with the pups including two lots of kids, 2 very small ones and 2 bigger ones. They are getting used to everything! They are super open to strangers coming in, Elsa is watching with a Hawk eye! They have also been outside for an hour (yes 1 hour, that’s all the weather would allow…. In June!!). They are LOUD wow they are so complainy lol and also they are Houdinis in breaking out… It’s a fun gang that’s for sure 🙂


The gang is getting louder!! lol

They are on solids twice a day now, Elsa has had enough… they hurt her so what I do is I help her with having two pups at the time drinking from her. They take the top off her milk supply and it will reduce daily. I have also cut Elsa’s food back now so in a week or so she can go home again to Jackie who misses her dearly <3. The pups have been on Salmon and Chicken so far and it goes down very well! Unfortunatley the weather is not playing it’s part and and it’s heavy rain and cold already for a week now and no end in sight… I would love to have them outside in the day but not like this….


3 weeks yesterday!

This morning the signs were here for the next step! I was awoken several times with loud complaints! When I came downstairs 4 of them have escaped the whelping box – little minx’s! So now they have no longer a whelping box in there and also enjoyed their first solid meal. It was Sushi 🙂 Salmon and they LOVED it! Let’s get the party started!!



A big day for the munchkins today! They have moved downstairs, they need to get used to all the different noises now, they are ready! I have put the whelping box in the livingroom, just for a few days until they can be without it. They also got their first worming syrup which is never a welcomed thing! They are very complainy! The weights are all very equally around 1kg now. I haven’t had a litter with such equal weights between the males and females and no big one and no small one – I’m very happy with that! Elsa is still doing the whole feeding in her own, another positive thing! The longer they drink from mum only the better so we’ll see. I’m ready to help but will wait for Elsa to ask 🙂 My other dogs have met the little ones from a distance today. They were dying to meet them, well the girls anyway. Lucy had a peak at them last week but Xia seen them for the first time and is totally besotted with them! Oncle Vox is also very interested and Elsa’s half brother Keith coudn’t care less lol.

Thing are happening fast now, there will be more to say from now on so won’t be long until the next update – exciting times!




2 weeks old and on time all eyes are open ❤

Elsa is still an awesome mum! They are all very nicley round and have started to walk and bark 🙂 Things are happening and I’m getting ready for taking them downstairs and get a puppy playground ready!


11 days old today and just a couple of days before they can see 🙂 Everything is going well, not much to report it’s still all about sleeping, eating and growing.


First week is over the little ones are doing fantastic!! I think this is my most equal litter I’ve had. They are all in the same weight area and all putting on weight very fast and good. I’m really happy with them, they seem strong! Elsa has taken to her roll now and is a fabulous mum! It took a bit to adjust I think lol but now she is really perfect. She let’s me do anything but watches me with a hawk eye, she cleans them perfectly and shoots upstairs if they make a strange noise ❤ Really happy with her – Elsa superstar!


The critical 3 days are over and everybody is doing well. They are putting on weight nicley and evenly. Weights are now between 390g to 510g.

Elsa is doing a great job apart from getting me up 5-6 times a night lol. She is digging and shredding bedding….


Day 61/63

We’ve had a VERY busy night… Elsa was not settled at all, digging and wanting to go out constantly. Until around 4.30 I decide to take her to bed with me lol. She just seemed a little worried about giving birth for the first time. So on my bed she settled then for a few hours until she started digging again. I knew it won’t be long now as she had her first contraction in my bed! So we luckily went into the whelping room where she shortly after, at 8.50, gave birth to the first female. Pink girl weighs 305g. At 09.53 the second female is born, she is 310g and we give her the purple collar. Miss Orange is born at 10.00 and weighs 280g. First boy is born at 10.49 and weighs a wopping 420g. Boy number two is born at 11.08 and weighs 370g. 11.30 and yellow girl enters the world with 345g. Now we have a big break but clearly there is at least one more in there. So far we are over the moon with the speed she is throwing them out! But we’re having a long break now, Elsa is exhausted bless her. I’m giving her an ‘energy drink’ with two eggs and coconut oil. She pushes a couple of times slightly but nothing serious… At 13.00 a dead puppy is born ;( There was green discharge in the sack which he must have inhaled. I’m trying for 20 minutes to get him to live but without luck. I think he was dead for a while already in the sack. Sad but part of it… I wait another 2 hours when I believe that is it now. So I’m taking my dogs out for a walk in the woods and barrie the little boy… When I come back after the walk Elsa has given birth to another boy ❤ I’m giving him the black collar.

Now I’m over the moon with 5 females and 4 males who are all seem happily drinking! Elsa seems very knackered but content :).


Day 60/63

Elsa got me up several times last night. She wee’d in a few times, they are pressing on her bladder. I don’t think she will wit until Sunday.


Day 58/63

We are ready!! Not long now…


Day 49/63

Getting into barrel shape lol!


Day 42/63

Puppy room is ready!



Elsa is pregnant!! We are very happy to announce that she is carrying a healthy looking litter inside of her. Exciting times!


UPDATE Elsa has been covered to Hank on the 17th and 19th of March


The F-litter is Avonwolf Born Free Elsa and Hank vom Brunsbeker Land.

Expected are very high drive dogs with tremendes speed and will to please. Medium in size dogs that should suit any kind of work.


These puppies will be SDCA1&2 free by parentage!

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.14.00


Expected May 2019.



Avonwolf Bite Workshop 4_3_18-2


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.21.28



We have a lot of bookings already for this litter, get in touch early if you like to go on the list.