Avonwolf offers home visits for dog training. We can help behavioural issues, basic obedience, competition sports ect. We are very experienced with powerful breeds (GSD’s, Malinois, Doberman ect) and issues such as aggression, nervousness, possession ect and have successfully rehabilitated those issues with several dogs. We are happy to help with any breed of course.


All breeds world championship Italy with Keith 2018



Protection national championships


*Behavioural issues one to one £75 per hour (on our field in GL6)

*Competition tracking and obedience one to one £55 per hour

* Pet training (basics, recall…) £55 per hour

* Protection one to one £75 per hour (I will only do protection with dogs that show good obedience)

* One to one for aggression issues £85 per session

*Mobile dog training – coming to your house £120 per hour plus £25 per hour travel time

Leaving your dog with us to fix a problem:
* Depending on issue and length of time, contact us and we can work out a price together


IPO nationals Scotland

2 thoughts on “Training

  1. Hi there,

    I was just wondering if you had any up coming litters soon? And if so could we but a deposit down. Also do you do classes for the pups training and protection ?

    • Hi Shannon,
      I have a litter coming up, due Xmas day!
      Please send me an email about what your experience with this breed is and what are you planning on doing with a Mali.
      I’m head trainer of an IPO club and also do privat lessons.
      My email is

      Kind Regards

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