Born 12-04-2020                                                                                                                   Litter 9/4


It’s time to close the puppy diary!

The last two left today. Wishing everyone an amazing and healthy life! Please keep us updated 🙂




Mister grey has left today as well now, 3 pups left now…. All will be gone by Sunday.



A very busy weekend has come to an end! A lot of pick ups! People who prefer to have them at 7 weeks are ok with me to do so.

Here are some of the happy teams 🙂


Individuals today


Today we did the first car journey! Over an hour they were driving including on the motorway. Needless to say it was LOUD!! Then we did our usual environmentals at The Fleece. They were fab! But it’s difficult with this many!! Loading is a nightmare lol


We are having visitors more then once a day most days. The pups are also eating now beef, chicken, fish and lamb with no problem at all. It’s getting close to picking already! It’s real tough this time as they are also pretty equal. Great litter!



5 weeks today How time is going fast hey!! They’ve had their second worming syrup swallowed today and also had a few chicken carcasses to ‘share’ lol. They are super possessive, who ever has seen the videos o facebook, I will not repeat this when they are older! I would worry they will seriously fight over it. It is a very strong litter, I’m super happy with them. We keep having visitors but they get more and more hesitant to go inside the pen lol they are piranhas.


Ziva has gone home now, she wants to go back to work 🙂 She hasn’t given them milk for the last 3 days so the time was right to send her home. Her milk is drying up nicely.


We are having visitors every day now, today’s was Hannah who will take one of the girls home when they’re ready.


The pups met kids today 🙂


Cearajade came to visit today, she will have a Co-owned female with me for hopefully future breeding. She made these stunning pics ❤ Thank you!



The play tunnel arrived today! I really like how they are fearless and open. They already had gun shots and lots of noise around them and they are super confident.



First time minced beef today – it was gone in seconds!! Total approvement 100% lol




Mother love ❤



Because of a few escape artists I had to remove the whelping box and upgrade them to a proper pen already. Ziva and me are doing teamwork now, twice a day we do a feeding together half and half and then in the middle I feed them alone.



First visitor today! My neighbour Phil came to help me with a boiler issue 🙂 Ziva welcomed him with open arms, good to know she’s ready for visitors.




3 weeks old today and eating like Champs already 🙂

I’ve had to cut their little nails today as well as Ziva’s belly is getting scratched by these sharp claws.




From 11am until 5pm the pups were outside today 🙂 It was windy and sunny at times and their getting used to it now. Also are they eating once a day now the salmon whelpi mix. Things are going well!


Today is a big day for the pupsters! First time outside for a quick hour between rain hail and sunshine. They had to swallow their first worming paste and then also had their first solid meal. Salmon as their first meal worked amazing at my last litter so I decided to go with salmon again this time. Combined with some whelpi milk, they all seemed to like it! We shall do this again tomorrow and start to help out Ziva with the feeding 🙂



Quick changes in colour, the white girl is now neon yellow and black boy is now light green 🙂 Just due to so many I need the colours I can find collars for lol.

Ziva is doing great, she’s going in there less and less now and soon I will be helping her with the feeding. She’s really enjoying her role and shows that to me with being upside down most of the day :).


We have our routine – teamwork – in the morning she feeds them all on her bed whilst I clean their pen out.



The names are chosen! As always by their new owners, hopefully the kennel club will accept them all. Here they are:

– Gossip Girl
– Gallant Opie
– Galaxy
– Guy Phoenix
– Gasco
– Gunnar
– Gangsta
– Graffiti
– Geronimo had to be changed to Gargantua
– Gandalf
– Gun
– Genesis
– Gorgeous Boadicea



2 Weeks old today ❤



The first ones have started to open eyes! time is going so fast!!


All puppies are reserved


Ziva had enough of the puppy room and started ‘moving’ pups about! I come home from the walk with the others and I found one in my gym bag! Then next time I go somewhere I found her on my bed with a pup!! Ok time to move them all downstairs 🙂 This is the first time the other dogs see them after being so excited about the smell for the last week.


Individuals 🙂


Everybody is putting weight on nicely. All are very similar in weight, no bigens and no small ones, ideal! Brown boy has already cracked the 500g border today. Also did I remove some dew claws from 3 pups so this has been sorted for the future. Mama Ziva is looking in excellent condition 4 days after giving birth to 13 pups!


All 13 are well!!! We have 13 survivors this morning, me and Ziva are soooo happy!!!


Ziva has been very quiet today but still has eaten a large amount of food, most of which she threw up again shortly after. I haven’t bother taking her temperature as I din’t want to stress her unnecessarily. It was pretty clear to me that they would come Sunday night, a day before due date because of the large litter shown on the scan .

Around 7pm Ziva came on and off to me for cuddles being a bit shaky, I knew we weren’t far off. When around 7.30 I saw her first contraction, quickly I moved from the terrace to the whelping room and got her settled in the whelping box. At 19.57 the first two (yes they came together and had to be pulled out by me) boys, red and blue with weights of 280g and 300g. After a short break another boy followed at 20.17 and I gave him the green collar. Green boys weight was 330g, now I am realising this will be a big litter as the pups are small and Ziva is huge! at 20.37 another boy arrives, he is 300grams and I give him the light blue collar. Not only am I realising now there are lots in there I’m also starting to think it’s going to be more males then females lol plus Ziva is fast! Which is great for both of us. At 21.36 I have the first female, I’m giving her the purple collar and her weight is 260g. Another boy at 21.56, Mr. yellow with 280grams followed by another girl, same weight, at 22.11 – I give her the orange collar. 4 more boys follow! Brown at 22.29 with 320g then at 11pm black boy with 290g, grey boy half an hour later with 330 grams and then baige at 23.53 with 230grams. I am now over the moon with a big litter of 11 pups! 9 boys omg and I have so many female bookings lol. Ziva is having a sleep and I have a shower, take out the other dogs and want to get bed ready. Watching her on the camera she is starting to nest again one hour later and I think she’s joking… Then at 00.50 a girl arrives! I give her the white collar, she weights 230grams, to my absolute surprise another females arrives 01.30!! We are now done with a whopping 13 puppies and an super exhausted Ziva.



Day 60/63

Ziva with half brother Keith and mum Lucy

Ziva is in good spirit and still plays with Keith, still eating eagerly.


Day 59/63

We are ready 🙂 Ziva has arrived at ours now and is doing great. Lots of movement in her tummy – not long now!



Day 48/63


Pregnancy confirmed! We’ve scanned Ziva today and it looks that she is carrying a healthy litter of +/-8 puppies. Exciting times ahead!


We‘ve had two successful matings, last night and today, in Belgium. It was the fastest mating I‘ve ever done! Carambol knew exactly what to do😊

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 14.02.17

Off to a good start! 🙂

Ziva has started her season!! 01–02–2020

The G–litter is planned with Ziva and Carambol. We are expecting strong, high drive dogs from this combination.



Avonwolf Duchess Diva Ziva

These puppies will be genetically clear of SDCA 1&2