Trixy van het Dreiland

Mojo on working-dog click

‘Mojo’ is our new member of the pack! Super interesting genetics and a strong pedigree I’m really excited to carry her bloodline in the UK. Dario the breeder of van het Dreiland is sharing some thoughts of mine regarding breeding and I’m very greatful to have one of his pups!

Mo is nearly 2yo now and has started her apprenticeship, she is in training to become a Victim recovery dog (Cadaver dog). She shows an incredible nose and her new role is ideal for her since she has no problem on a boat or on different moving services. Exciting times ahead!

D.O.B. 30-07-2020

Hips 4/3 =7

Elbows 0/0

SDCA1 clear by parentage

SDCA2 clear by parentage