Avonwolf Bonzo Vox

Vox is a male we’ve kept from the B-litter (Lucy x Loco).

Avonwolf Bite Workshop 4_3_18-13

Vox has a super stable and confident character. He is fine with people, he regularly spends the day in our Venue in the office and goes on daily arrond runs in the city. He is very calm and easy going but in training he hits hard and shows very good drives with full grips. He has a good bit of aggression in him in protection and also shows it in possession over food and toys towards the other dogs. Tracking is his talent!! His first ever track, he was 11 weeks old, I remember I layed it next to a road. I started him on that track – just about 10 steps long – and a massive lorry drove right pass us, Vox didn’t even lift his nose! He is super calm and steady on the track, you can hear his nose work. Super happy with him.IMG_5991

I’m very excited to see him progress his IPO training is coming on very well.

Vox is a big dog with nice dark markings, his coat is different from the others and much thicker – he is beautiful! Looking forward to keep this thick coat in the line, hopefully he will pass it on :).

Avonwolf Bite Workshop 4_3_18-17

D.O.B. 10-02-2016

Hips 6/4

Elbows 0/0

D-Lotus D/D (non carrier of the blue gene)

SDCA1 clear

SDCA2 carrier

Cardiomyopathy with juvenile mortality clear



Tracking at 6 months click

Heelwork at 8 months click

Freestyle stubble tracking at 10 months click

Protection at 10 months click


BH        21-10-17


Vox at stud

Vox is a proven stud dog.

We offer Vox at stud to healthy females with good pedigree (or Afstammig certificate of Bloedlijnen), good hip scoring and SDCA2 clear – we are Malinois lovers and want to do our best to keep the breed healthy.

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