Hank vom Brunksbeker Land

Hank was bred to Elsa for the F-litter

Hank vom Brunsbeker Land

Hank vom Brunsbecker Land, he is currently 8 years old and in great health. He has produced several litters in his life and proven to pass his good genetics to his offspring. He is SDCA1&2 free (the same as Elsa) which means the litter will be clear as well.

Hank is in Germany and bred under the DMC, his Koerung has convinced me that he is the type of dog I’d like to have in my breeding! Extremely high in drive but clear headed and social. He hits with hard grips and his speed is phenomenal.

I’m excited about the F-litter and plan to breed Elsa with Hank in spring 2019.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 11.21.28

D.O.B.  30-11-2009


ED 0/0

Spondy free

SDCA1 free

SDCA2 free

D-Locus D/D (non carrier of the blue gene)