Food Plans


Belgian Malinois male 30kg

Mon – 600g tripe morning – 600g tripe evening (no fruit and veg)

Tue – 450g liver morning/ 450g chicken evening

Wed – 450g chicken wings/ 450g beef (food on track)

Thu – 450g beef/bone/ 450g chicken

Fri – 450g tripe/ 450g lamb

Sat – 450g heart/ 450g beef

Sun 450g chicken/ 450g heart, liver

900g a day + fruit and veg + different oil



Belgian Malinois female 26kg

Mon – 250g tripe morning – 250g tripe evening (no fruit and veg)

Tue – 350g liver morning/ 350g chicken evening

Wed – 350g chicken wings/ 350g beef (food on track)IMG_0126

Thu – 350g beef/bone/ 350g chicken

Fri – 350g tripe/ 350g lamb

Sat – 350g heart/ 350g beef

Sun 350g chicken/ 350g heart, liver

700g a day + fruit and veg + different oil




German shepherd male, 8 months 33kg

Mon – 500g tripe + 500g tripe

Tue – 600g liver/chicken + 600g chicken evening

Wed – 600g wings + 600g beefIMG_2472

Thu – 600g beef/bone + 600g chicken

Fri – 600g tripe + 600g lamb

Sat – 600g beef + 600g beef

Sun – 600g heart/chicken + 600g liver/chicken

1200g a day + fruit and veg + different oil

9 thoughts on “Food Plans

  1. I was amazed to see that Keith has 450g of liver for he Tue morning meal. Does this amount for a meal not give him the runs, or is something that you built up to over a periof of time.
    Initially I thought it might be a mistatke but Lucy also has a liver only meal on a Tues morning so I had to ask as I am fascinated by this.

    • Hi Olly, you seem to know your stuff 🙂 You are right it is a lot of liver at the same time. I used to feed that in combination with bone and it went well. I now do less but more often to come to the same amount per week but spread it out more. If at once, always in the combination of bone.

      • I researched raw feeding for the last 4 years trying to find a solution for my GSD who had chronic ear infections
        About a year ago I was told he had congenital narrow ear canal, so pretty much have up the good fight for raw over the last year. I never felt comfortable going back to kibble, and having followed your site intermittently I was drawn to your food plan and I despite all the advice I have been given over that time. In have learnt to trust my eyes and moving back to raw for my now 8.5 year old male GSD. So thanks for your blog, gave me the courage to trust my instincts

      • Wow that is great to hear and yes 100% follow your instincts! If you have any further questions please email me, happy to help if I can. Raw is the way, it dosen’t get more natural, dogs have jaws like wolves, it hardly changed!

  2. Hi K,Only me again, … I would really like to know what your put in your fruit and veg mix. I take it you make a big batch for all the dogs and measure it out? You mention different oil, what types do you use?

    • I mix a lot of greens with some carrots and raw eggs (including shell) and sometimes fruit. Whatever I have at home really, then that goes in the fridge and every night a big spoon for every dog in their dinner. I mainly use salmon and coconut oil.

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