Avonwolf Echo

Echo is our pick from the E-litter (Keith x Xia), he is a operational police dog at Cumbria.

After having passed all his health tests we’re happy to announce that he is offered at stud.

I’m excited to plan a litter with this super boy!

Write up from his handler Glenn:

Echo is a smart and versatile Belgian Malinois and has forged an unbreakable bond with his handler. He is a confident character and takes life in his stride. He is fine around people and other dogs. He is a steady dog and switches easily between being at work and being off duty. Echo excels at nose work, especially tracking, whether it be grass, hard surface or mixed terrain. At the age of 15 months old Echo became one of Cumbria Constabularies firearms support dogs. This is a role reserved for older, more experienced dogs, but due to his temperament, willingness to learn and maturity he was given the role earlier than expected. Like most working General Purpose police dogs, Echo likes to bite. He bites with a full determined grip, whether it be on a box sleeve, bite jacket or covert sleeve. At 30Kg he isn’t as big as some of the GSD police dogs, but for what he lacks in bulk he makes up for in speed, determination and power. Echo has been a licensed police dog since November 2019 and licences at advanced level.

DOB 25-08-2018

Hips 4/5

Elbows 0/0

SDCA1 clear

SDCA2 carrier

D-Locus D/D (non carrier of the blue gene)

Cardiomyopathy with juvenile mortality clear