Loco van de Berlex-Hoeve

Nero is the sire of our B-litter

Loco van de Berlex-Hoeve called “Nero”🇳🇱

Description from his owner:

“Nero is a dog with good drives, is very social and has a great will to please. His food drive is extraordinary, his tracking is very, very good, very calm but with a great temper on his nose.”

Nero is the Oncle from the father of our A-Litter, we’re very pleased with our first litter and therefor like to stay with a similar line combination.

Erik Kopp lives in Holland, we traveled over there to mate Nero with Lucy.

1471301_731635296929377_8990349513046949416_n 1488640_731635433596030_2588453073322360478_nScreen Shot 2015-03-26 at 23.57.471798485_731635366929370_4841193567763020755_n 10176133_731635303596043_7729413408933964583_n 10384932_702739733152267_4782167345511955435_n 10389123_731635316929375_6161951428843878402_n 10392452_702740026485571_3196429713893780623_n 10420238_731635426929364_3940965847912101139_n 10592944_694103664015874_1761585232189038831_n 10615531_694103630682544_6130652391915681656_n 10649564_702739989818908_5703041989701327047_n 10649705_702740003152240_2231662786856141236_n 10672119_731635250262715_5868091332558101784_n 10675727_701590143267226_4802845205618565602_n 10710780_702739706485603_5096316052277336679_n

Loco on working-dog click

D.O.B. 16-05-2012


ED free

IPO1 98-95-97

IPO2 99-95-96

IPO3 90-90-92

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