Born 30-05-20                                                                                                                        Litter 6/3


Last one has left! Avonwolf Hellraiser, another fantastic home. I am so excited to hear all about their progress. Wishing everyone a healthy life and keep us posted please.

That’s the time to close the puppy diary… It has been a wonderful 2 Months with the H’s, have wonderful lives ❤



Avonwolf Heather will be a service dog in Scotland! Good luck girl!



After a busy weekend I’m now down to two puppies! They will leave in the next two days too and it will get quiet around here :). It’s always good to see them go to faboulous homes though!


After having lost several collars I have decided to take them off. I’m worried they are swallowing them, that has happened before in previous litters… So today I have microchipped them and leave them collar free now. I know them well so don’t need to know the colour these days. They are a very lively bunch!!



They are so cool! They come to work with me so are used to driving now, they are great on all different services, staying in the barn when I do the nightshift with the other dogs and have some good run arounds in the hey and straw. I have finished picking today and here they are:


The pups came to the IPO club and had lots and lots of attention 🙂 I also did the gun test with them and they were totally cool and unbothered – great pups!

In the evening daddy Zulu came to visit ❤


5 weeks old today! Second worming done and here are some individual pics.


The puppies came on nightshift with me and all the other dogs 🙂 They’ve had lots of different experiences in different areas. Grass and straw and absolutely loved it. Of course this included two car journeys of almost an hour – everybody did great!



We were very busy today! Lots of people came to visit the little ones including kids. They are now getting used to seeing different people and showed good interest.


4 weeks today! Unfortunately the weather dosen’t allow it for me to bring them to the dog club today. Yesterday was boiling and they stayed another night outside, but today it totally changed and it’s not hammering it down with rain. They’re getting minced beef for the first time, salmon has been going down very well so it’s time to get them used to different meats. Storm is going in there less and less, they got teeth now 🙂 I’m helping her and do 3 lots of 3 pups on her on the couch in the evening. I’m slowly starting to take over the feeding. No pics as it’s cold and miserable outside and they’ll have to stay inside.


Because of the extreme heat yesterday they couldn’t go outside all day, so I’ve decided to put them out over night. 18 degrees at the very coldest at night (about 32 in the day!). Storm loved her nightshift 🙂 she was on patrol by every little movement and absolutely loved it! By 9am they were inside again and totally pooped 🙂



It’s 30 degrees here, this means the pups go out in the morning and then come back in for the hottest time of the day and then back out for the evening. They are eating twice a day they’re salmon mince now and seem to love it. I will change meat later in the week after they’re used to fish.



Enjoying the outside – now most of the day


Stuff is happening now! They’ve had their first solid food today, minced salmon. They seem to like sushi 🙂



Today they were outside for a short period for the first time. The weather was lush for a couple of hours and I needed to clean out the living room and upgrade their pen 🙂


First worming is done, eyes are open and a lot of life is now in the whelping box with walking and wining 🙂 The names are all chosen, by their new owners, let’s hope they get all accepted by the kennel club. Here they are:

  • Avonwolf Heather
  • Avonwolf Hurricane
  • Avonwolf Hermes
  • Avonwolf Hagen
  • Avonwolf Hawkeye
  • Avonwolf Harpoon
  • Avonwolf Havoc
  • Avonwolf Horatio Billy Boy
  • Avonwolf Hunter had to be changed to Hellraiser



All puppies are reserved


Individuals today, the weights are between 1kg and 1280g and the eyes are slowly starting to open.




Not much news, they are eating and growing well 🙂 Storm is happy now she is downstairs with us.




Storm was bored of the puppy room. The last two days she already wasn’t in there much and wanted to be with us downstairs again. So we moved today 🙂 She’s happy now not to miss anything again.



One week old today! Not much to report apart from them being huge lol


The critical first 3 days are over and everybody is doing great! I removed some back leg dew claws today so that’s done as well now. Things are going well 🙂



Storm is in great condition just a couple of days after giving birth!


Everyone is doing well! All put weight on, they are very strong pups and Storm is a fabulous mother!



Day 62/63

The last two nights I was in the whelping room with Storm for hours, so ready to go anytime. Then From 10am-midday this weekend I had puppy pick ups from the G-litter, well guess when Storm decided to start? 10.45am today! Lol

She started with one hell of a big boy, mister red with 530g at 10.45. He was so big that he was stuck and I had to pull him out with Storm screaming in agony… But luckily we got him out alive together and then the following ones were better, not smaller but possibly in a better position. Blue boy followed at 10.50 with 500g. I’m in the middle of puppy hand overs and rushing up with my camera in my hand with nay movement lol. These people come from 3-4 hours away, I can’t reschedule them. Boy number 3 at 11.04 (with two puppy pick ups down stairs!), he’s 450g and I give him the green collar. I’m happy for a female at 11.45, miss purple, also a very large girl with 520g! Light blue boy arrives into the world at 12.18 with 410g. Another boy at 13.04, yellow collar with wopping 540grams! Here we go, another male litter 🙂 At 14.10 the orange girl arrives with 460g. Storm is now exhausted and has a sleep, 2 hours later I’m getting worried as she’s been pushing for a while with nothing happening. But then I’m pleased to see male number 5 at 16.12, he’s a big boy too with 520g and I give him the grey collar. Last one out is brown collar girl at 17.16 with 530g. A lovely healthy litter of 9 bruisers!! I’m over the moon everything went well with no complications with those fatsos 🙂 Storm is doing great ❤

7 hours of birth sped up here 




Day 60/63

We might start soon! Temperature dropped yesterday, she’s not eating as normal anymore and there is lots and lots of movement in her tummy now. We are ready!


Day 58/63

Can’t believe how big she’s getting!!! Still a few days to go!




Day 56/63

One week to go! Storm has blown up in the last week, she’s feeling good and I can feel them moving now already :). Not long now!


Day 48/63



Storm is pregnant! Sharon saw at least 6 puppies but guesses up to 8/9 🙂 Exciting! Everyone looks healthy.




Second mating today went really well and quick. They had a lovley play together.


Storm has been mated to Zulu today! They had a good 20 minute tie.



Storm is in season!

I am doing a line breeding on Lucy for this combination with Avonwolf Evil Stella from the E-litter and Avonwolf Delta Zulu from the D-litter.

A super exciting combination which combines my breeding over the last few years.

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