J-litter (planned)


This is what Plan B looks like!

Alex has done an AI mating with Socio, now we wait and see wether we’ve missed her ovulation or not. Cross your fingers for us!


A very frustrating day…. The semen is stuck on the way… FedEx has promised Connie Scherk with Duncan a guaranteed next day delivery to Scotland but it hasn’t even left France the time it was meant to arrive… We’re all defeated by Brexit and Corona and now have to accept that things aren’t how they used to be. The semen in the coolbox only lasts 48hrs so by the time it arrives Monday it will be useless…

I would like to thank everyone involved in trying to make this happen, more then anyone Connie who really did her best in helping us and of course Alex, Rogues owner for being willing to drive to wherever that packet was meant to arrive…

I have a rough Plan B, I will work on that tonight!


Today semen collection in Munich for Duncan and express shipping to Scotland, plus Rogues second blood test. Her levels are up to 12 today, looking perfect, we’re looking for a 20 so I’m guessing Saturday will be her day of ovulation. Riot, Rogues brother, says she’s starting to smell VERY interesting!


So we will be using chilled sperm from Duncan (Germany) and inseminate Rogue in Scotland. A first for me and a hell of a organisation!

This isn’t easy lol a chain of 6 people are trying to make this breeding possible and right now all the chains need to link! So we’ve got 3 vets on the go, the best maternal vet in Scotland, the local vet from Rogue and the german vet who collects. Then there is me coordinating, Duncan’s owner who will arrange collection and shipping and Alex, Rogue’s owner who’s travelling around for blood tests and insemination….

It was a few stressful days but hopefully our plan is now on target!! Cross your fingers and toes for the J-litter.


Rogues has had her first blood test to see where her levels are at, they’re at 4.5nmol/L, so we’re right on target 🙂 we shall repeat in two days and thinking of an insemination over the weekend.


Rogue is in season!!! Mission J-litter begins now 🙂

Planned for summer/autumn 2021

We’re planning this combination for summer/autumn 2021. I will do a co-breeding with the owner of Avonwolf Dashka. We’re expecting her season around July and will mate her to Duncan Dubalta vom Clan der Wölfe.

Due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions we will use chilled sperm from Duncan and do AI on Rogue for this breeding.