Born 09-09-21                                                                                Litter 5/5 (3/1 still born)

All puppies are reserved


I’ve just had a week with Jager alone and we are all in love with him!! He fit right in with my pack and it was specially hard letting him go today…. He isn’t home home just yet as he’s leaving to Ireland and needs to wait for his rabies and everything. He is spending the next 7 weeks with Avonwolf Hellraiser, his owner Claire is specialised in search dogs and therefor the ideal start for little Jager before he’s starting his career in Ireland with Conall.

Avonwolf Jager


Orange girl has left the building as well now! Blue boy is with us for another week and then they’ve all flown the nest.

Also today daddy Socio (A’Deky du Lupulard) has qualified and come second at the FMBB qualifier – huge congratulations Steve!! So wanted to come and watch but it was just a tad too far whilst I still got the pups.


Saturday – club day. Another busy day at the IGP club for the remaining 2. Besides it is the 5th of November weekend, therefor they have enjoyed their dinners in the garden whilst fireworks went off (very close by!). They looked up and barked occasionally but no signs of fear.


We are busy!!! The moving out has began, Mr. Blue has been to the vet for his first vaccination since he’s leaving the country. It’s all happening…


I have microchipped all pups today with the super Thermal-Microchip. Reading temperatures via Chip reading. Not one pup has screamed when I forced that big needle into them! Brave warriors.

Ready to move out!! 8 weeks old tomorrow….

KC registration is completed as well now, papers on their way and all names chosen by their new owners have been approved. We’re right on track πŸ™‚


3rd and last worming course has been started today, they’re 8 weeks Thursday and it’s time to say good bye this week!!

Mister blue is staying a little longer as he’s going to Ireland, request from his owner here are some pics of him, without the others, chomping on a chicken wing πŸ™‚


Halloween fireworks were no bother, we were busy at work which meant barn and straw for the little ones. Heavy rain outside and excessive winds, non of any of it worried them – excellent!

Here is little orange with her apple lol


Lots more visitors and club people, blood has been drawn once again on hand and feet… no comment πŸ™‚


I was teaching some lessons at Woodborough kennels today, the pups spend the day in a new environment again in one of their kennels. A 1.5hr drive to kennels each way as well. 7 weeks old today!


Pups come to work this week, they are staying in the barn and have lots of fun with the hey. I have given them chicken carcasses today but seperately as they are too possessive now to share and would fight!


Another busy club day for the little fatties πŸ™‚ No pics I’m afraid as i forgot the phone at home… But lots of people cuddles and dog meetings. They did great as always!

Later that evening there was fireworks outside! Another box ticked for the little ones, they were inside so not too loud but not reacted at all.


Second worming completed and here are individuals from today. They are 6 weeks old tomorrow!


They were fuming today after I’ve had to start their second course of worming lol also were they playing in the rain all day not caring for the wet! Thank you Kirsty for entertaining them and those lush pics!


Work was calling today, so off we went… Great new environment for the pups πŸ™‚


A long day at the dog club!

Rogue has left this morning back home to Scotland. We have weaned them off this week and she had enough! Also no milk left now so time for normality to start again for super mama!

The pupsters have spent all day at the IGP club and had lots of cuddles and new faces to meet πŸ™‚ They did awesome once again!!


The pups are used to beef as well now, also have we done gun tests. First with a cap gun and then with a starting pistol (they are loud!) no reaction to either. Very happy with them!


The little ones had a very busy weekend! Lots of people came to see them. We were lucky with the weather, almost summer temperatures! Pups are out in the garden from morning to evening.

(thank you for these lush pictures Edit)


They have met children and all my dogs today. Aunty Mojo loved them, just like the last litter and is a great play partner πŸ™‚ They are all eating 3 times a day salmon mince and Rogue is enjoying her breaks.


Little ones are doing fab! They’re eating solids now, Salmon 3 times a day then Rogue is topping them up in between. They spent all day in the garden already, we’re so lucky with the weather currently. Things are going well, no bother about the train noises or anything – good puppies πŸ™‚


Early hours in the morning the little ones arrived with mum and Alex. They have done amazingly in the long 8hour car journey and just slept through it. Hardly any mess and definitely no throwing ups. They’ll be bomb proof πŸ™‚


They’re on they’re way and we are ready!! πŸ™‚

So much planned for the J’s – exciting!


3 weeks today! Time is flying, soon they are over here. In time the first worming has been done by Alex. They are getting louder and starting to walk now ❀


2 weeks old already! Not long until they’re joining us πŸ™‚ eyes are opening right on time as well.

Some individuals for the 2 weeks mark πŸ™‚


Proud mama is showing off her belly ❀ not bad for 10 days after giving birth!!


One week old already! Time is going so very fast, everyone is doing great and is putting on weight. The weights are between 480g and 800g.


The first 3 critical days are over – phew!

So pleased they are all doing well, orange in perticular, she is so much stronger now. To the point that we can stop tomorrow with the feeding help and just keep an eye on her. Rogue should have plenty of milk since she would have had more pups. I’m very happy now and leave Alex and Bridget in peace with they’re pack :). Me and my dogs had some great hikes up in Scotland! Now it’s time to go back home and go back to work for a few weeks until they come and join us. I will keep the updates coming as Alex is in close contact daily.


Things are starting to settle a little bit now as Rogue is getting used to her role. We’ve put a baby cam in her room and letting her be for a few hours. Still feeding orange a few times a day but we’ve decided to do a little trip and meet some other Avonwolf’s whilst I’m in Scotland :). Alex and myself are driving up to Dallas to see Jenny with Avonwolf Ida where also Fiona and Caterina come to visit with Avonwolf Bria and Avonwolf Freya. Unfortunately no pics since the weather was so rough…

But here are the J’s:


Everyone survived the night altough miss orange has lost some weight which is worrying. She’s a lot smaller then the others so we’re deciding to give her some extra puppy formula to strenghten her. Luckily she takes our help instantly and starts suckling, we now feed her several times a day in addition to Rogues offering.


Day 61/63

I arrived in Aviemore Scotland at 3am, luckily so as she started giving birth just before 6am!

5.45 the pink girl arrives with 372g, Rogue is very surprised lol and needed some help. Alex pulls miss pink out and even helps with opening the sack since Rogue is slightly perplexed at the sight of her :). 6.28 purple girl arrives with 317g, first boy at 8.06 with 362g, 9.12 we have a very small girl, miss orange, with 270g. After that Rogue has a very, very long break, at 1pm we’re deciding to take her to the vet and check her over since she clearly hasn’t finished but dosen’t seem to push or contract. On the way to the vet, Alex is driving, she’s starting to push again. A boy arrives in the car, I’m trying my best to get him to breath but unfortunately he is still born ;(. At the vets we’re doing a scan and can see that there are 4 more puppies in there. So we give her a oxytocin injection to help the progress along. On the way home at 3pm we have another boy who is doing fine. Blue boy weighs 370g. We’re happy now after the lost one but unfortunately not for long. Still driving she’s giving birth to another still born, this time a very tiny little girl. Sad as we are it keep going and back home another still born boy is born. Nature is cruel…. At 5pm I’m taking my dogs out since they have been in the van a long time and when I return Alex and Bridget had another still born boy. This was Avonwolf no.100…

All in all it was a super exhausting 24 hours for all involved, well done to Alex and Bridget who were amazing in they’re first puppy whelping and sadly not a straight forward one.

Now our J-litter is born and we’re happy with 6 healthy pups, 4 females and 2 males.


Day 60/63

Rogue had a temperature drop today of almost 2 degrees, she also stopped eating and threw up. We’re expecting them in the next 24-48 hours. 8 hour road trip for us tomorrow! Exciting!!

Lateron that day I suddenly felt uneasy about waiting so at 7pm I’ve decided to leave! A hell of a trip with a very odd noise on my van lol I was on a mission and just ploughed through to get there in time. Thankfully Rogue waited for me.


Day 58/63


Day 50/63

Rogue is starting to milk her ‘very uncomfortable’ pregnancy lol getting closer to due date!


Day 38/63

Nipples are getting bigger and the hair is going on the belly πŸ™‚


Rogue is pregnant!! We’re happy to confirm that everything is looking good and Rogue has a healthy litter inside of her!


This is what Plan B looks like!

Alex has done an AI mating with Socio, now we wait and see wether we’ve missed her ovulation or not. Cross your fingers for us!


A very frustrating day…. The semen is stuck on the way… FedEx has promised Connie Scherk with Duncan a guaranteed next day delivery to Scotland but it hasn’t even left France the time it was meant to arrive… We’re all defeated by Brexit and Corona and now have to accept that things aren’t how they used to be. The semen in the coolbox only lasts 48hrs so by the time it arrives Monday it will be useless…

I would like to thank everyone involved in trying to make this happen, more then anyone Connie who really did her best in helping us and of course Alex, Rogues owner for being willing to drive to wherever that packet was meant to arrive…

I have a rough Plan B, I will work on that tonight!


Today semen collection in Munich for Duncan and express shipping to Scotland, plus Rogues second blood test. Her levels are up to 12 today, looking perfect, we’re looking for a 20 so I’m guessing Saturday will be her day of ovulation. Riot, Rogues brother, says she’s starting to smell VERY interesting!


So we will be using chilled sperm from Duncan (Germany) and inseminate Rogue in Scotland. A first for me and a hell of a organisation!

This isn’t easy lol a chain of 6 people are trying to make this breeding possible and right now all the chains need to link! So we’ve got 3 vets on the go, the best maternal vet in Scotland, the local vet from Rogue and the german vet who collects. Then there is me coordinating, Duncan’s owner who will arrange collection and shipping and Alex, Rogue’s owner who’s travelling around for blood tests and insemination….

It was a few stressful days but hopefully our plan is now on target!! Cross your fingers and toes for the J-litter.


Rogues has had her first blood test to see where her levels are at, they’re at 4.5nmol/L, so we’re right on target πŸ™‚ we shall repeat in two days and thinking of an insemination over the weekend.


Rogue is in season!!! Mission J-litter begins now πŸ™‚

Planned for summer/autumn 2021

We’re planning this combination for summer/autumn 2021. I will do a co-breeding with the owner of Avonwolf Dashka. We’re expecting her season around July and will mate her to Duncan Dubalta vom Clan der WΓΆlfe.

Due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions we will use chilled sperm from Duncan and do AI on Rogue for this breeding.