We offer residential training if your dog has long term issues such as nervousness / aggression or needs regular training in other areas.

The dog will come with us wherever we go and live a life as our own dogs do. This means the dog will get lot of training and come to several different clubs every week as well as having time off either separately or in the pack.

Your dog will either stay in a kennel outside or in a crate in the house. Please make sure your dog is used to whatever you choose for him/her to stay in otherwise we’ll have to do kennel training first and can’t start with the issues right away.

Our minimum booking for residentials is one week. In our experience we find that most dogs need about 4 days to settle in and a good week to gain trust. During the first 4 days they still get same amount of training but the best results happen after the first week when the trust is built and the settling in period is over.

We have limited availability since we never take in more then two dogs at the time to get the best possible outcome. We are often booked up so please get in touch with us to work out a time that works for both of us. We are also trailing a lot but that won’t be an issue as your dog will join us wherever we go as long as we are in the UK.

So far we have successfully rehabilitated:

  • Dog aggression
  • People aggression
  • 2 dogs from the same household to finally get on together
  • Recall training – finally being off the lead under distraction

Send your dog for training such as:

  • Regular obedience
  • IPO training
  • PD training
  • Tracking
  • Protection training (please note we will work all dogs in prey drive and not defence)

You will get regular photo and video updates on how your dog is doing. You are welcome to visit and work together with us so you get the best benefit on how to deal with your dog at home after his bootcamp. You can decide to stop the training and take you dog back at any time.

With aggression cases we will need to meet you and your dog for an assessment before we come up with a plan. Depending on the intensity of the aggression issue we may need to charge more than our usual Residentials.

The price for Residentials with full time training is £500per week, which includes food (raw or dry by your choice), treats and everything nessesari for the training.

Please feel free to get in contact with us for a chat about your dogs problem.

We do what you tell us! We know ourselves how hard this is to find…

You want him raw fed? Does your dog has a special diet or maybe even medication? Your dog needs exercise in a closed in area? Or do you rather not have your dog walked? Is a crate in the living room a better way to leave your dog whilst you’re on a needed break?

We WiLL do what you tell us to with your pooch. Get in touch to discuss your special needs so you can relax on your holiday.