Born: 09-08-2014                                                                                                     Litter: 5/4

All puppies have moved out now. It will get quiet around the house now but i’m sure Keith will make sure it dosen’t get too quiet 😉

It has been a fantastic 8 weeks with our A’s, we wish them and their new family’s the best of luck and a long, healthy life!! xxx

Please keep us posted with pics and updates 🙂

(more of the A’s on the Offsprings page)


‘Avonwolf Asterix’ – green boy –  moved out as well today as the last one. He will be a GP dog and has a great future ahead of him! All the best with him Ryan.


“Avonwolf Asterix”


Today we’ve got two more females leaving. One of them is in co-ownership with us and will hopefully be part of our breeding program when she is old enough.

Have fun guys 🙂 xx


Another one left today…

“Avonwolf Ariel Red” has moved out today as well. He is very special to us as he is the first born Avonwolf in history! 😉

I took the 4 remaining ones to the vet for their first jabs and microchips. Not the most pleasant experience but hopefully the treats afterwards helped them to forget the needles.

Final night. Tomorrow the other 3 will leave to go to their new homes and we will be getting a lot quieter… but i’m sure “Avonwolf Al Capone Keith” will make sure we won’t be too quiet!


Today our orange girl left the building…

“Avonwolf Asianne Misha”, is now living with Maureen and Michael and has a fantastic future ahead of her! Misha was Chris’s favorite so it’s really tough to let her go…

The other 5 all had individual trips up and down a very busy road. The traffic noise was a little bit worrying at first but more interesting than anything else shortly after 🙂

Also we finished worming today (needs to be done 3 days in a row). Wow i’m glad that’s over!!!

Afternoon snack was chicken wings – first time for the pups. Went well and everybody chewed it properly. It was interesting to see how the beast in them came out once they all started trying to pinch each others!


The last few days with the A’s….

We did the last worming before they all leave this weekend. They all hate it! The mess is terrible as everybody spits it out and shakes it around. We’ve got white walls and white puppies now!

The little mad ones are too crazy to go out together now so we are taking them on little individual trips. Misha has joined Chris in the office today as she is leaving us tomorrow 😦

The others are with me. Some came into town, on the beach with Lucy, and in different people’s gardens.


Weekend with the Daddy’s!

A very eventful and fantastic weekend comes to an end.

All the way from Belgium, Bert and Nicole visited us over the weekend to see the puppies. With them, of course, the Daddy’s. Maho the dad of our pups and also Yaspo the sire of the GSD pup we raised :).

We also had two males leave over the weekend – “Avonwolf Arkan” (mister brown) left on Saturday and “Avonwolf Albert Sid” (yellow boy) went today.

We wish the future owners the best of luck with their boys!!!

– the only down side of the weekend was that we had the first complaint from the Neighbours about the noise…. can’t blame them! These high drive puppies are very , very loud!! Not long now….


We did the second swimming session today 🙂

The “little” ones are getting really big now


Goodbye little Pink – Avonwolf Amelie alias Karma – first one to leave.

Karma will be a future security dog and will share her home with her Rotti big brother.


bhLater on in the evening we had some more kids to visit. But the puppies are not as much loved by kids anymore as they bite a bit too much now!

I got to wear my scratch suit while I cook lol


The puppies met some giants today 🙂 they will be bomb-proof!!


Today a few member’s of Red’s new family were here10404236_10152423633421705_1288281177891664359_n

and he got to meet his new big  “sister” Cody.


The Mini’s were 6 weeks yesterday – time is running…

On a lovley, sunny afternoon we took them to a new garden today. We all loved it 🙂


On a grey, rainy day we thought of an inside adventure – first swimming lessons!

Everybody can swim, no problem! We had some wet, grumpy faces but after a snack right after the swim they all cheered up straight away again.

After going crazy in the kitchen – as wet dogs do – they’ve all zonked out in Lucy’s basket now 🙂


Today’s challenge was taking the “baby’s” to the pub!

As we run a live music venue, the Fleece we took the chance to take the pups to this new environment.

A lot of our staff and even random people from the area came down to meet the gang.

As a result, the little ones amazed me once again by their open way of meeting people and new places. Unsure for a few seconds and then right back to play fights and cuddles – love them!


First trip!

Today we went on a car ride, half an hour to my friend Dave. The journey included some motorway. Also I turned on the ventilation system in my car for the dog cages – which is very noisy. Everybody did really well, a few short screams but all of them settled really quickly. No mess at all in the cage.

At Dave’s they had a good day in his big garden. The puppies coped well with dog barking, strange people and the neighbour’s kids, including the baby-buggy.


We are very, very busy!

We had visitors in every day of the week, these little ones really rock! They are all equally strong and know what they want! The girls are just as strong as the boys and really standing their ground. By now they’re already very well socialised pups, running fearlessly towards new people and bite their legs 🙂

The coming week will be all about doing trips and getting them used to different areas and car rides. Will be interesting!

Will try to get some individual pics done as soon as i find the time…


Today the first puppy got picked! Misha will have a great life by the seaside and half the year in France! We all agreed on the orange girl to be the best suited one for her lively future as agility dog and companion with her big sister Bella, a Mali cross 🙂 – i’m very happy for little orange (Chris’s favourite btw!) many thanks to Maureen and Michael for giving our girl a fantastic home xxx

Also clever miss purple figured out her way in! 3 times today she walked into the kitchen tail wagging. First one out of all of them to copy Mummy!


This early morning, woken up by screaming puppies as every day :), I started to prepare the food. First Lucy gets her breakfast, today a massive turkey wing, then I get the puppy meal ready.

I was very surprised that none of the little one’s came running inside as usual. So I went to check on them only to find them all over Lucy’s turkey wing!

Since Lucy isn’t feeding them anymore as her nipples are bleeding every time she let’s them on for a few seconds, she brought her food to them instead ❤  beautiful mother instinct!

The feeding is going great, they eat everything – very good food drive. So far they had Tripe, Beef, Chicken, oily Fish, Eggs, Vegetable mix, Cottage Cheese, Goat-Milk yoghurt…..

We have visitor’s pretty much daily at the moment. Today we had some kids for the first time. All went well, the pups are curious and playful.

Also I’ve started to make a lot of noise while they are eating. Today I fired some shots from a cap gun to get them used to it. Lucy is gun proofed, she dosen’t react so the pups were fine with it straight away as well – good doggies 🙂

I don’t have to mention the worming today…. all i can say is, lucky I’ve got some old clothes I don’t need anymore! lol


The mini-me’s are 4.5 weeks old now – time for another deworming!

Weights are between 2120g and 2740g.

We started the second worming today (needs to be repeated for three days in a row) – puh some very, very unhappy faces have been pulled!

Result: I’m covered in the worming paste and so is the whole garden as everybody spat it right out everywhere!

If they don’t like something…..

Looking for to the next two days of repeating the whole procedure – NOT… 😉


They have been outside from 8am until 10pm today. I think tomorrow we will make the move and let them outside overnight. For the last three nights we have left the doors to the garden wide open. I think they are ready and used to the temperature now.

A few more pics from today as they change daily at the moment 🙂


They are becoming little devils!

Lucy is trying to hide from them 😉 If she walks past she has 9 puppies hanging on her… I’m taking over the feeding more and more now, the sharp little teeth’s hurt Lucy and she’s a bit fed up – i don’t blame her!


Today’s menu is a large veal neck for the little ones and a turkey wing for Lucy.

The pups are teething at the moment, chewing on a piece of meat helps the teeth coming through. But that’s not the only benefit from a big piece of meat, it also creates a pack mentality without showing any aggression over food, plus do they learn to work for their food, not eat too fast and – lucky for me – are they busy for a while 😉


Finally we’ve got good weather woo-hoo!

The pups are in the garden during the daytime now and in the kitchen over night.

We’ve had the first few visitors already. They are fearless little maligators! Noises, different floorings, new people – everything will curiously be inspected – I’m very happy with their progress.


The weather is still wet….

So we built our puppy playground in the kitchen 🙂

The pups left the puppy room (they started jumping out of the whelping box!) and stay in the kitchen from now on. As soon as the weather gets better they will be outside during the daytime.


3 Weeks today 🙂

“B-day” meal was minced beef with puppy milk – it was gone in a few minutes!

I’m very happy with them, they loved the meat straight away. They will be raised on the BARF diet and as soon as the picks are decided we will feed them in two groups. The raw ones and the ones who go into a dry food future, that way we will get them ready for they’re new homes.

Lucy is coming to training with me again. I’m not staying very long but she is happy to do something again. She loves her break from being a mummy and is doing great. I will start to get her ready for her FH2 now as tracking is perfectly fine to do while she has her litter and she loves it :).


Things are happening!

Lucy is happily accepting my help so we feed them in shifts now 🙂

Apart from the eating we now also have walking, barking, growling and playing. Today we had a little bit of sun so we took the chance and took them outside for a while. After some moaning at first they all settled well and enjoyed the warm sunshines until they fell asleep.


The noise level has gone up and the little ones seem ever so hungry so i’ve decided to help Lucy a bit with feeding. I’ve mixed a little bit of puppy milk with some soaked Orijen puppy food – to my surprise they all started eating straight away!

That’s great news! I will start building it up slowly and Lucy can take it a bit easier 🙂

Also are they starting to go to toilet on the news paper and not on the bedding. Very clever and clean lovelys!


my kind of laundry 😉




Lucy is bored of the puppy room, she want’s to be with adults again…so the puppies are in whatever room we are in….and only at night or if we’re out in the whelping box.

No problem Lucy, whatever suits you! 😉


 The A’s at 2 weeks – no words needed……. ❤

video click


First worming paste has been swallowed!

A few complaints from some of the pups but some things need to be done 😉


Everybody’s eyes are open – let’s get the party started!!


The wonder of sight!

Last night the green boy was the first on to open his eyes!

Today a few more are having a look 🙂 – I’m pretty sure by this evening they will all be open



Pups are doing great. Everybody is growing and putting weight on. Lucy is enjoying her breaks and walks now.

There isn’t much to say at the moment. All they do is sleep and drink and every now and again try to walk and then fall over 🙂


1 week ago today it was all about to start!

The little ones are 6 days old now and they’re all doing great! Lucy is fantastic with them and she’s now starting to be a bit more active again. I took her for a quick run in the park today. She’s full of beans at the moment – not a surprise!

The weights are looking good. I think in the next two days they will all have doubled their birth weight.

Some individual pics for you here. Enjoy!


The critical first 3 days are over yay!!

I would say they’re all survivors! I’m happy with the weight gains, everybody put on between 55g – 100g. Also it varies with who put on most and least daily, which is a very good sign.

This morning started fantastic! The first time in the last 3 days Lucy came to say good morning! She hasn’t left the puppy room at all in the last 3 days but this morning she came in with a big smile and the tail went 60mph 😉 She needed a good cuddle and was obviously very happy rolling around on the floor in front of us ❤


First day is over and the pups are doing great! Everybody is drinking on their own and putting on weight. Red is no longer the smallest!


Day 63/63 after the first mating – bang on time 🙂

After the all day nesting from last night we were expecting them anytime early in the day but Lucy was not in a rush. She didn’t leave the room at all apart from a few quick runs in the garden. Towards the late evening, exhausted as we were, Chris had a nap and i was down stairs watching telly when we heard her having her first contraction. Just before 1am we welcomed our first boy.

It was an amazing night, Lucy made me so, so proud!

For a minute she looked a bit surprised when the first pup started to scream at her but then her instinct kicked in straight away ❤

At 8am, more than 2 hours after the last puppy she still seemed to be pushing a bit so we decided to quickly drive down the vet to make sure there wasn’t another one stuck somewhere.

We made an x-ray and saw that everything was fine 🙂


At 00.58am boy no.1 arrived. He weighs 240g

No. 2 is our purple girl, she is 260g and arrived at 01.09am




After almost a 90min break no.3 arrived, our blue boy weighing 270gpink1brown1

Miss pink turned up another hour later weighing 310g at 3.41am.

No.5 and 6 came straight after each other. Brown Boy at 4.28am weighing 290g and the lilac girl weighing 280g at 4.30am

Green Mister 7 came half an hour later at 4.56 weighing 270ggreen1

The yellow boy as the biggest needed a little bit of help, weighing 320g at 5.21am


and the last one is the white girl weighing 285g at 5.39am



I have been spending the night in the whelping room with Lucy, she seemed very unsettled. Lucy is hardly eating and is very busy nesting.


day 60

Day 60/63

Lucy don’t seem to go by the books! The temperature drop was false alarm – Lucy is happily bouncing around in the park this morning.

Her temperature is +/- 37 today.

Me and Lucy ended up falling asleep on the floor in the whelping room….



Day 59/63

Temperature down to 37 degree from the normal 38.4. Appetite is back on also is she practicing, on her bunny, how to clean her pups 🙂day 59


We had a temperature drop by 1degree all day, also Lucy has become a fussy eater.

Not long now!


day 56preg day 56

Big Mama!

We can feel a lot of movement in Lucy’s tummy now

Day 56/63


Puppy room is all set to go!

Day 53/63

puppy roombox


day 50

Day 50/63day 50 laying



Day 47/63


Day 44/63

down day 44

day 44 down

belly 44day 44 sit



day 41 sec

Day 41/63

day 41

Day 41/63

Lucy’s belly changes daily, she gets now three meals a day instead of the normal two.

Her amount of food is going up weekly by 10%, at the moment she gets 1020g meat instead of the normal 800g.

Apart from the hot weather she’s fine, feeling a bit sorry for herself at the moment – bless her 🙂


avonwolf lake

Day 38/63





Half time – feel good day 🙂

Day 31/63

(shaved belly from scan)


Pregnancy confirmed

Vet comment “Lucy looks great and is in healthy condition”
Happy days 🙂


Day 25/63





Maho Van de Berlex-Hoeve x Asaldo Diamond Sky LucyIMG_3702

Lucy has been mated to Maho several times between the 7th – 10th of june. We will expect the puppies early august.

If you’re interested in this combination please get in contact with us.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.16.10

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