Born: 10-02-16                                                                                                               Litter: 4/7


Time to close the puppy diary!

Today the last B-wolf left the building!! ‘Avonwolf Beer’ is on the way to his 5* home in Holland as we speak. We’ve had a fabulous weekend with his new family and are very happy for him. Looking forward to his progress!!

‘Avonwolf Bruce’ is now ‘Avonwolf Bonzo Vox’ (we’ve changed his pedigree name) and will stay with us! After having him so long now we’ve had a lot of interests in him but just didn’t manage to let him go…. He grew on us and is doing fab! Now he is part of our pack and family ❤ and will keep us on our toes! More about his progress on his own page here.

So that’s it, we wish all our B’s a wonderful life, health, happiness and success. Keep in touch 🙂 xxx


I got back yesterday and the boys are doing fantastic! Chris did a great job looking after them!!! They have grown massivley! Looking  fab and strong.

Today i’ve put up a paddling pool in the hot weather, they loved it!! But it only lasted half an hour lol what a surprise 🙂


Off i go to Switzerland and after to France the FMBB (Belgian Shepherd World Championships). The pups are in very good hands with Chris and Lucy whilst Keith and Xia join me on the roadtrip👍🏻



Over night trip to Stroud!

Chris had a gig with his band in Stroud last night. As Stroud is were our IPO club is and i’m there every Saturday anyway, we’ve spontaniously decided to stay over with all 5 dogs😊

We all had a blast! The pups had a lot of attention from band members and friends! image


So i receive a message from the guys who booked ‘Avonwolf Bruce’ today. Because of personal issues – hospital – it is better for Bruce not to move in with them.

It is a shame as they were looking forward to Sunday for the pick up for such a long time already. Things don’t always work out as planned!

We’ve had our boy for a while already now and also started his training. We will take our time to decide what to do now. Of course we have a long waiting list but the timing is very bad as I’m off to the FMBB for two weeks Sunday and Chris will have to look after Beer and Bruce.


Elsa is having a blast with her brothers and her ‘Roomie’ Darcy 🙂


Second vaccinations completed – health all great – HAPPY DAYS

Later today Elsa will be back for a few days. We will board her and her big brother Darcy until Thursday whilst their ‘mum’ is on a business trip. Excited to see how she reacts to see her brothers!


Today Bruce and Beer came with me to the GSDL qualifier for the nationals at Severnside. They were both on the lead for the first time and met tons of dogs and people. They were cool and confident 🙂


Saturday is club day! At the IPO club with the boys where they meet their sisters Elsa and Ivy 🙂


Bruce spent the day in the office with Chris and Beer came with me running our daily errands!


‘Avonwolf Buster’ has left us today…

He’s on his way to Scotland and has a great life ahead of him! It gets really hard now to let go as these boys have been here longer. Buster spent last night in the house, we had friends over for dinner. Everyone made a big fuss of him 🙂


For the other two – ‘Avonwolf Beer’ and ‘Avonwolf Bruce’ – it’s time to man up! We’ve put boxes inside the kennel sleeping area now. For now i’ll leave the doors off but soon they will sleep in seperate ones over nights. We don’t want them to rely on each other and take them out seperate a lot for the last few weeks they are here with us.



We are doing individual trips with the boys now, they need to get used to being without their litter mates for back up 🙂

So wherever we go someone is coming with us, they are used to driving a lot now.

Today ‘Avonwolf Bruce’ came into Jolley’s pet shop 🙂 (forgot the camera though…)


The boys came to the IPO club today, the journey is about 1 hour each way. At the club they’ve met their sister Ivy ‘Avonwolf Blue Velvet’. They had a great day 🙂


A nice walk and investigation tour with mummy 🙂


Today the boys came on a farm trip and met some farm animals 🙂


The boys have discovered the mirror in the garden! We have a mirror there so if i do obedience on my own with one of the dogs i can see the positions and everything. Today the puppies have for the first time seen their selves 🙂


All boys had their first chabs now and we have started their crate training.

With chicken wings the crate is the best place to be😜


We now have 3 boys still with us ‘Avonwolf Beer’ who is going to Holland and needs to wait for his rabies vaccination. He will be picked up at 15 weeks. ‘Avonwolf Buster’ is staying one more week as his owner is currently traveling in Asia. ‘Avonwolf Bruce’ is off in 3 weeks to Scotland.

So we’re taking them out individually a lot now and start their crate training😊

‘Avonwolf Beer’ was at the Fleece last night were he met tons of people! He was the star of the night!!


We’ve had a mad day once again 🙂

3 pups have left us today! ‘Avonwolf Brandy’ now called ‘Dora’ is going into an agility future and has 4 new brothers and sisters! 3 Border Collies and a small terrier 🙂

Also green boy left already again! First i thought it might be too early for him to leave right after his London adventure but he was like never gone this morning. Completley confident and happy so he now left for good in his forever home 🙂

And then Elsa – ‘Avonwolf Born Free Elsa’ has left us too! Not too far, she’s staying at out IPO club and also is on a joint ownership contract with us. If things work out and she passes her health tests next year she will come back for two breedings to us.

Good luck all my monkeys and behave yourselves 🙂


We got our green boy back today! It was a stressful journey for the owner of “Avonwolf Bjarki” over the last few days. On Sunday they’ve picked our boy up, they were on the waiting list for a while and very excited to finally get their boy home. He fit them like a glove and started bonding very well and also the toilet training worked out quickly and even some sit and downs started to work! However, their 3 year old son had an allergic reaction on the day after ‘Bear’ s arrival. As the kid loved the dog so much too he was playing with him and was in contact closley to him. The second day he had a bad rash over his body and also started to have asthma attacks. They rushed their son to the emercency to get some tests done. Waiting for the results in the mean time mum and son moved out for a couple of days to see if he gets better and if it really is dog related. Also an air filter has been put in to get the best chances possible. Today the results were back and it is a heavy reaction to dog hair… They are very heartbroken and i feel for them a lot.

We’ve met half way this evening to pick up our boy again. We are very greatful for the honesty and updates on the whole situation. Of course a full refund was given and the dog hasn’t suffered in any way. He is now back with his siblings 🙂 – these things happen unfortunatly! Let us all appreciate that we are able to share our lives with the most amazing beings!


Today we started a new set of worming paste… A very messy situation! Things are getting heated latley, they fight over food pretty mean now! It’s time for them to leave, they are 8 weeks tomorrow.

In the evening we took them on a nice stroll with mum and brother 🙂 Keith is such a good boy! He’s entertaining them and looking after his half brother and sisters ❤

(bad picture quality for some reason..)


Today two more pups have left to their new homes – “Avonwolf Bia” the white girl is on her way to Scotland and “Avonwolf Bjarki” the green boy is now in London. Good luck guys, have tons of fun 🙂

The remaining 5 had veal necks today. Wow the food aggression is showing big times now! I even had to split up a fight! These guys are ready to be independent now.


We did some environmental training today 🙂

The little ones explored every inch of our house and garden lol they truly are amazing pups! So confident and interested in new things ❤

Later we started to teach them to use their nose to find food. First i dropped some bits of food in the gras and then after that i hid their meat all over their play area. I put them high up and under things – like an obstacle course :). They had fun and training at the same time.


Busy days!!

We’ve had a microchipping course today. You have to supply at least 5 puppies in order to get licensed so it was the perfect timing to do the course now. As we have so many we were even able to do the course with two students 🙂 so my friend Lisa did it with me. The course was at our home so no added stress to the puppies. Happy to say we both passed and all pups are successfully chipped – Happy days!!

After the chipping we’ve had two more pick ups. Our girls “Avonwolf Brooke” – orange girl – and “Avonwolf Benthe Sage” – black girl –  have left us. We’re wishing them and their new families all the best and a healthy and happy life 🙂

Unfortunatly i forgot to make a pic of Brooke with her new family.. Here is Saga with her new daddy for you:



Today Salmon came shopping with me 🙂 and also tracking with the others!


Ivy – “Avonwolf Blue Velvet” has left us today. She stayes in Bristol and our IPO club so we’ll see her regularly😝

For the others we’ve had more kids today to socialise them. They are doing absolutley brilliant! We’ve had strong winds latley and their play ‘house’/ tunnel thing was blowing around. Even over them and no reaction at all, it was blowing over their heads and they were not spooked a bit! I also hold things over their heads, shuffels and stuff, waving it over them – no fear whatsoever😝  The same if i cover them with a towel, nothing! They make me proud😍


Easter Sunday! We’ve had lots of visitors once again. Today it was every generation including a bunch of kids. They knackered our pups out big times!


Today our first puppy left the building! “Avonwolf Belissima” – yellow girl has started her new life! All the best gorgeous girl!


It was rainy today… So after some visitors in the afternoon we decided to give the pups some swimming lessons😃


Pedigrees and puppy boxes are set to go…. Not much time left with the B’s

Apart from that we had visitors here like we have every day😊👍🏻 We have super social pups! With bite lol

A rare tired and sleepy moment!


The pups first trip today! We went to The Fleece  today which involved a car journey of course. Now everyone who already has been at our place knows what this means…. we have a rather bad bumpy dirt path to get from the main road down to our house. Well the puppies did very well! Two little throw ups on the way to town – nothing at all on the way back. The first way was a bit noisy of course but on the way back they were so exhausted they fell all asleep 🙂 When I opened to bring them back to their pen they were all fast asleep.

At The Fleece we had tons of people there, as always, everyone comes to see them 🙂 The pups did fantastic!! Running around in there and following me in the kitchen when I prepared some food for them. I would say the first trip was a success – YAY


Ok the panic is over lol. Lucy took care of everything and knows what to do – can’t believe I doubted that for a second! Shame on me!! Lucy feeds them now for about a minute when she feels like it 🙂 this way she quickly drains a bit of her milk and is getting used to produce less AND IT WORKS!!! Of course it does because nature is awesome! I’ve cut her food down to her usual weight now 600g-700g meat a day. Apart from that I let her deal with it all, giving her the option to go in and out as she pleases. Only after food I won’t let her to them as she would just bring up her whole meal for them.

Another happy match was made with Aneta and Avonwolf Belissima – our yellow girl.


‘Belle’ – Avonwolf Belissima


We’ve had a very, very busy weekend with several of the future puppy owners coming to visit. People from Holland, Scotland and way up north have traveled down to see the little rascals!

The blue boy will be going to Holland – to the club of the father of the pups. He will be staying with us until 15 weeks so we’ll have the pleasure of getting bitten by blue boy a few weeks longer 😉

I think we have now done all the picks! Based mainly on the pups future job but also on personal preferences and on the pups choice of people of course 😉 – it all seems to fit like a glove! I’m convinced we’ve picked right once again and these future families and dog/human teams are going to be ace!!

Lucy has decided to not feed them anymore… She’s clearly fed up and has no longer patience for the little devils. With a proper telling off she let’s us know that we are on our own now! Although she feels uncomfortable about it, her back hair stands up and she cries a bit when she hears them but she decided to not go in to them anymore. It is not a problem at all as they are eating meat for a while now but Lucy is still full of milk and it worries me a bit that she so suddenly stopped now. We will see how it goes in the next few days. She even threw up her breakfast on Saturday morning for them to eat – bless her she did that for the last litter as well once she stopped giving them milk. A very natural behaviour which makes me proud of having such an amazing girl with natural instincts like this. She’s awesome!!!


“Avonwolf Beer” – will be off to Holland


Another few visitors today, amongst others German Shepherd Darcy who will be our pink girls new big brother 🙂 ‘Avonwolf Born Free Elsa’ will also be at our IPO club and worked towards IPO and in working trials.


More visitors today 🙂 and another worming paste has been swallowed! A lot of pics from a warm and sunny day.


They are LOUD!!!!

Especially the green bruiser boy just won’t shut up at night! He seems to be hungry for England and never has enough lol

They are 5 weeks today which means another worming was needed…. The rebels complained about it by nicking the packaging!


First pick is done! Miss purple – ‘Avonwolf Blue Velvet’ alias Ivy will live with Ross and Kaz and their two German Shepherds Diesel and Jess. Happy days for us as they are in our IPO club and we will be following her training 🙂

Ivy will be worked in Security and also trained for IPO.



First day this year where we have no boarding dogs or rescues. We won’t take any dogs in until all puppies have left now as they demand a great amount of attention 🙂 The upcoming two weeks will be very exciting and we’ll do as much imprinting with the little ones as we can!

Took the biggun’s to Rowberrow for a lovely hike in the sun – loving spring!!!



Another busy day today! We’ve had a lot of visitors including four legged ones! Malika – Keith’s big love 🙂 – took care of the pups for a while and played with them. She even let them suckle on her lol

Thanks to puppy lover Rosie for clipping all the puppies nails 🙂 Lucy will be so grateful!


A mad day comes to an end!

Today I homed both our rescues 🙂 yay Jake and Maggie starting their new lives right now! I dropped them both off in Birmingham this morning – individual homes but we all met at the same place. Reason being is I had to pop into Crufts today as well (yes i did do Crufts in 2 hours! – makes me want to cry to see these unhealthy, fat show dogs who spend most their lives in cages just to then run a round in the ring…. not all of them of course but a lot!). Had to meet some people and pick up some stuff so it all worked out well together. I quickly checked the Mali ring of course and I was pretty shocked how different the show lines look to our working ones! Basically the biggest male in the ring was still smaller then Lucy!

Aaaaanyway, as i got up at 4am to be in Birmingham by 8am Chris was looking after the little rascals today!

When I got home one of the future puppy owners popped in to see them 🙂


We’ve had visitors every day and the pups are super curious and also a bit mean already lol They chew these poor people up and suck the hell out of every body part 🙂 We also already have ragging and some nice full bites! I do feel like they are ever so advanced with everything, they fight with each other fairly heavily already too (especially the girls!) – should be a fantastic litter!!

Some pics from today, Keith was allowed inside with them for the first time – he’s an awesome big brother!!! ❤


The gator babies have been outside all day! Tomorrow we will make the move to leave them out over night as well. Our puppy kennel has now heating inside yay! Also the puppy run is finished and the pups are having a blast!!

A big veal neck kept them busy today 🙂 and also Keith and Xia met them for the first time – behind bars to be on the safe side (specially with Xia the crazy bean!!)


Turns out the tripe seemed to give them a bit bad tummies yesterday. Nothing too bad but they didn’t seem as comfy as usual – poor little things! So today I’ve given them puppy milk with some soaked Orijen puppy food. They loved that!!! Also digested it very well. We will carry on with that for a bit until they are ready for raw food. So 3 times a day now they get puppy milk with soaked Orijen and some Goatsmilk, the other 3-4 times in between Lucy gives them her supermilk ;).


Big day today!

We took the little ones outside for the first time today, the sunshine was too nice not to 🙂 They were cool about it! I expected a bit more complaints but i think they loved it!! Our puppy run is finished now so as soon as the weather stays a bit drier we will move them outside. Our brand new puppy kennel has heating in there so they can stay over night as well. The whelping box is getting too small for them now and this afternoon one escaped already!

After the outside adventure (it didn’t last too long as it started raining again) we celebrated with some puppy milk, with minced tripe bits in there! First time solid food –  went down very well!!

Btw they have their proper collars now and a few collars have changed – light green boy is now light blue, white is now grey and beige is now salmon 🙂


The feeding is going great! I’m soon thinking of minced meat, but trying to wait as long as possible and make Lucy feed them as much as possible. From the mum they get all the important anti bacteria and are immune through her vaccination. As soon as she stops feeding them the risk of bugs is higher. We’ll see how long we can convince her to look after them 😉

But of course I already help where I can! Here they are with some puppy milk and coconut oil and manuka honey – went down like biscuits!



I finally managed to do some individual pics since the eyes opened 🙂

They’re doing fantastic and becoming a lot of fun now!! They walk well already and do little barking and growling noises – not long until it’s mayhem here!!! We can’t wait ha!

We’re soon thinking of putting them outside. As soon as the weather gets a bit drier we’ll get the puppy playground ready in the garden 🙂

Lucy and me are taking the feeding in turns now. I give them puppy milk about 3 times a day now and they are all drinking well.


Lucy needs help now! This morning the sign was clear, there was a lot of screaming in the puppy room. A very exhausted Lucy came in the bedroom asking for help😊.  First ‘meal’ was ok, some pups, like blue, orange and light green, knew exactly what to do whereas the others would rather take a bath in it….😄 we’ll try again later on 👍


First worming paste has been swallowed! Went ok, only little complaints 🙂



Lucy is really milking the fact that we feel like she needs more and more food… She’s getting chubby now and I think the 2.5kg she’s getting a day at the moment is more than enough. We’ve come to the point where she’s not sleeping with the babies anymore but on the couch now! I will soon start to help with the feeding as Lucy seems to be very bored with sitting with the babies all day… She’s coming on the daily walk with the others and also wants to do some training again. The pups look fat and happy though, no screaming or complaining so I will give it a few more days before I try some minced meat :).



Fatty yellow has cracked the 1kg border!

Almost double the weight of some others!! Everyone has easily doubled their birth weight in the last few days. They are looking fat and happy 🙂


Stuff is happening!

Beige girl is the first one to start opening her eyes today. We reckon by tomorrow we’ll look a few more puppies in the eyes! We also have little tries of barking and walking 🙂



Lucy is bored!

She is bored of laying around and wants to work again. We did search squares in the garden yesterday which made her happy and content. Today, all day, she came downstairs with her ball and wanted to play. We then decided to bring the puppies down to the living room and bingo! She is now happy and relaxed asleep. We don’t blame her. She can’t rest more than a week!


1 Week old today!

The babies are already 1 week old, Lucy is still doing all the work by herself. Nothing to clean, no help in feeding – good stuff! Apart from changing the sheets in the whelping box every morning and then weighing them and adjusting their collars we’ve got no work – YET! We’re enjoying the peace before the storm 🙂 well also the 2-3 times a night when Lucy wants to have a quick run in the garden. Can’t remember her doing that last time but then again we had a dog flap in the old house – I miss that flap!

A few pics from the gators from today. The only other thing that happened today was when I got home from tracking Keith and Xia. We only leave Lucy and the pups alone for about 2 hours max at the moment, so I came home and someone was screaming when I got in. So I went upstairs and the light green boy had jumped out the whelping box! So we have a rebel already!! I didn’t think they were already able to do that so of course now I’ve put the hatch in to have the box higher. Lucy was relaxed feeding the others so I reckon he can’t have been out longer than 5-10mins. She could have brought him back in herself, it was almost like she wanted to teach him a lesson 😉


Lucy came on our walk together with the others today – she loved the break from the little ones!! After that I’ve given her a very much needed shampoo bath!! Mummy is smelling good again now 🙂

Babies are doing great!


Lucy has calmed down completely now, she’s a top mum! She also has little breaks from them now. Basically what happens is every now and again, I guess on a rare occasion when all 11 are asleep.. she runs down, jumps on the couch, rolls around on the floor, then wants to go outside to have a quick run, then demands food (yes demands!) then a bone and then rushing back upstairs again to check on the babies lol. This also happens 2-3 times at night!! But we’re happy when Lucy is happy so of course we’re making a big fuss of her once she’s showing her presence – little Diva!

Everybody is doing fantastic and the first one has cracked the 500g line today! It’s a girl!! Little fatty yellow ❤

Apart from that we haven’t got much news, they are growing very fast and can roll around pretty fast already. Plus they are very loud if they don’t get what they want!


The first 3 critical days are over and we have 11 survivors!! Super happy!!12728827_938929282823568_6640380608982717245_n.jpgLucy seems a bit stressed. Last night she wouldn’t stop crying and started shivering and panting… I think it’s all a bit much for her right now. Having 11 and only 10 nipples might also be a factor as always someone is crying and that is very stressful for her. She is so so mumsy and every tiny little discomfort on her babies is stressing her. But we are calming her down and massaging her to sleep until she’s calm! She will get better soon we’re sure!

So this morning we did some teamwork. Chris took her out for a walk and played with her ball – yes she did actually enjoy it and might have even forgotten about her babies for a minute – whilst I was checking them all, clipped their dew claws off for those who had them, changed their bedding and also finally MADE INDIVIDUAL PICS  🙂 🙂 enjoy!

The boys are Blue, Light green, Dark green and Red – the others are girls.


Everybody is doing well! We are so happy how they are all drinking. Lucy is a star mum once again. Amazing how she is taking care of her babies. This morning she came in our room for a quick 2 minute cuddle but apart from that she hasn’t left the puppy room apart from quick toilet runs and food of course – a lot of food! Lucy gets double her normal food amount now and really needs it to produce milk for all 11 Maligators!


‘Blue Velvet’

So it’s true what we thought, our purple girl has the rare and unusual blue colour! We are calling her “Blue Velvet” and stay curious about what colour her eyes will have :). Blue is a dilute gen and must be in both parents down the line somewhere to create a blue puppy. Blue isn’t a colour in the breed standard of the Malinois – we agree it shouldn’t be – for that reason we will put an endorsement in Blue Velvet’s pedigree so she will not be bred from. Apart from that she is just as awesome as the others – it’s good to be different ;).

Lucy still wants them all for herself and prefers us to leave them alone. We will give her a couple more days before we make individual pictures of them all 🙂 however there are some dew claws that need clipping tomorrow! The loose/unattached ones at the back are annoying later in life and we’d rather get rid of them early to avoid a vet visit later in life. It can be dangerous if they have them as adults as one could actually bleed to death if they get caught somewhere – and as we all know, Malis are crazy buggers! They do play rough and don’t feel pain until it’s too late… These dew claws are only attached by skin and it will be a short and unpainful clip to avoid later complications :).


Day 60/63

dèjá-vu! just like last time, she’s looking all ready, panting all night, nesting, being ever so unsettled – so we stay up all night. I even sleep in the puppy room on the floor – just for her to then fall asleep about 7 in the morning upside down! 😄 not long now anyways, temperature is still low – we are ready 😝12654521_937579136291916_8603042023464688886_n

Then she starts pushing at midday! First one arrives at 12.07 the red boy (315g), after a little break she throws out the blue boy (270g) at 12.40. Now followed by 5 girls!! First girl at 12.48 (285g) we give her the purple collar (she might have a bit of an interesting colour we’ll see), then at 1.12 the pink girl (310g), followed by orange at 1.25 (280g). Black girl arrives at 1.34 (240g), white girl (225g) at 2.06pm. Then we have another boy at 2.14 with the light green collar (280g) followed by another girl, we given her the yellow collar as she’s been stuck a little as she came tail first, just like yellow last time (320g) at 3.03. Another boy arrived at 3.10 (325g) we’ve given him the dark green collar and the last girl, the biggest arrived at 3.16 (366g) and the beige collar.

All together we could not be happier with how fast and easy this went! Lucy did an amazing job and needed little to no help – what a superstar she is!!! ❤



Day 59/63

We’ve had a huge temperature drop today!! Right now (19.30pm) she’s down to 35.8C. They are on their way!!


Day 56/63

She’s definitely much bigger than with her A-litter!! Can’t believe she still has another week to go…. Poor rhino girl!


Day 51/63

Starting to get really uncomfortable….



Day 44/63


Day 41/63

getting big…



Day 36/63

Puppy Room is ready!



It’s 4 weeks ago today when Lucy and Nero mated for the first time. Lucy is starting to go out of shape and gained some weight already (without increased food at this stage) today she weights 28.3kg. Her character has changed a lot too so we’ve decided not to do an Ultrasound. Exciting!10426682_923873350995828_5968973205406209809_n

Update – Lucy has been mated to Nero on the 13th and 14th of December!

The B-Litter is expected in February 2016.

The combination is Lucy and Nero “Loco van de Berlex-Hoeve” a dog from Holland, an Uncle of our A-litter dad. We’re so happy with the progress of our first litter we’d like to stay with a similar line combination as they seem to match very, very well!

Lucy x Loco

More info on the breeding here

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 09.56.54

14 thoughts on “B-Litter

  1. Hi Ursi,

    Very interested in your B-litter and would like to keep updated on the progress. I have recently been in contact with a few kennels in both Belgium and Holland, with the intention of importing a Malinois pup, due to the lack of quality Malininois here in the U.K. But now looking at your lines a may not have to.
    I would like to hopefully, before the mating, travel to you and see your dogs worked.



    • Hi Simon

      You’re welcome to come and visit us anytime. We’re training at our club on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, Sunday’s usually a club elsewhere.

      Email me to arrange a suitable time for you ursi@avonwolf.co.uk


  2. Hey Ursi,

    also interested in your B-litter. I am after a dog and have owned GSDs before. The Malinois has interested me since I became aware of the breed and I look forward to owning one from a reputable breeder.


    • Hi Guy
      Thanks for contacting us.
      What are you looking to do with your Mali?
      We only sell our dogs into busy working homes with regular training and brain work. Please tell me more about what your plans are with your Mali pup.

      Kind Regards

  3. Hi, I’m very interested in one of your pups from your B litter. We’re a family of me and my three children who I tech from home (I say home but we’re always out) and the upside of home ed is our dogs can come too. I was raised along side my mum breeding dogs and owned a variety of breeds myself. I’m particularly interested in this breed due to its need to work hard and feel it will be a marvellous addition to our family.

  4. Hi my name is David could you please give me a range of prices on B litter as i am very interested in buying a good healthy family dog. I have owned a German sheperd before and been around dogs all my life. If you could get back to me at your earliest convince i would grateful.

  5. Uri,
    Hello my name is Brock Fischer and I live in the United States. I am interested in a puppy and was wondering if you could email me back with pricing and process for importing into USA

    • Hi Brock and many thanks for your interest in our B-litter. The whole litter is already reserved, we are taking reservations for out spring litter now. If you are interested in the C-litter please let me know, per email (ursi@avonwolf.co.uk), what you are looking for (male or female) and what your plans with your Mali are. I will then get in contact with my shipping company and let you know how much it would be.
      Kind Regards

  6. Hi, I am really interested in a pup (bitch). Can you let me know cost and reservation requirements.

    Hope all goes well all the best.

  7. Hi Ursi,
    I’m a long time dog guy, and have recently lost my two GSDs aged 7 years, hereditary and breed related illness.. very taken with the Malli’s robust nature and hardiness, I’m not a dog show kind of guy, but rather looking for a companion dog who will happily spend a day or a week for that matter in the hills with me.
    I notice your B litter is reserved but if you could keep me updated on the C litter I’d be greatful



    • Hi Tim, first of all sorry for the late reply we’re in the middle of moving house with no internet yet..
      I understand your dogs are having a great life out in the hills! Are you planning on working your Mali in any way? I’m not placing my dogs in pure companion homes, they need work to be satisfied. What are your plans with your pup?
      The C-litter is planned for the summer.
      Best Regards

      • Hi Ursi,

        Not wanting to piggy back on your hard work but if you do have anyone wanting GSDs for companion homes. I have a litter due first week of Feb. Dam is a Pedigree Black and Light tan, the Sire was a all black working dual role Gsd.

        I am still looking forward to your late summer litter and will be reserving a bitch, as previously discussed.


        Andy Dodds

      • Hi Andy,
        no problem i usually get a few who would be better suited for your litter. Will pass it on if anyone comes up.
        Speak soon

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