Max has been rehomed!

Max came to us at 9 weeks of age. He was bought via a gumtree ad by a family. Sold as a German Shepherd this puppy was advertised as an ideal family pet. It turns out Max is a high drive Malinois cross and not suitable as a family pet in a flat at all!

The family contacted us for help, together we found them the right match with a more docile show line shepherd female and took Max into our care. Max has obviously had a bad upbringing and is very nervous around people. Apart from the fear of people (mainly men) he shows all the drive to be a good working dog. Re-homing him is not easy as he is too shy to join the police or become a security dog but he still needs to be worked.

Once Max bonds with ‘his’ person he is the most loving dog with so much play in him. He rages anything, is very fast, always happy and very easy going. He’s used to living inside or outside and he’s really good with other dogs and environmentally very stable. A fab little dog with just one issue…

We’re looking for a home for him where he has his one person he can rely on. Someone who has the necessary patience to get him to be stable around people and give him the right back up to show him he has nothing to worry about. He is definitely getting better since we’ve had him, however we feel like we haven’t got enough time to give him what he needs with the socialisation. He needs to be around people as much as possible and then he will, without doubt, overcome his fear.

We can visualise Max in sports such as working trials, agility etc or even protection work but probably not in a serious protection job as his confidence wouldn’t be sufficient to meet the high demands needed for this role.

D.O.B. 07-09-15






Max soon after he’s arrived at our place