Born: 09-12-17                                                                                                 Litter: 6/4


It is time to close the puppy diary!!!

So Blitz or Avonwolf Dynamite has been picked up this morning, Claire did a long trip to pick up her girl. Blitz will start her IPO career and will live with a big Mali brother and not so big lurcher sister. All the very best with her Claire!

So last one has left us now…. We’ve had a wonderful time with the D’s and wish them all a long, healthy and happy life ❤ ❤ ❤ be good troubles and hopefully see you all again at some point.




Little miss orange has joined us to the IPO club today! She met a lot of people and dogs and did absoluley fantastic!! A real tough girl, very outgoing I like her A LOT. The evenings are spent on the couch since she’s without her siblings now lol. Time to pick her up Claire or we won’t be able to part soon…. We’re terrible hahaa


3 boys have left us today!

Avonwolf Loki (yellow boy) is moving in with his big sister Alexa from the A-litter. Avonwolf Delta alias Harley (dark blue) is joining the military with Phil. Avonwolf Deep River (red boy) has a sport future and will live with Eva, the dutch herder girl we have rehomed a couple of years ago.

Jaques, Phil and Penny we wish you all the luck in the world with them! Thank you for giving them fantastic homes😃 xx


Last 4 chipped and wormed all ready to go – 3 are leaving us tomorrow….


This morning our green boy has left the building ‘Avonwolf Double Dutch’ alias Stooge, he will start his IPO career with Sally 🙂 All the very best big lad!


And later in the afternoon black girl moved out as well, ‘Avonwolf Duchess Diva Ziva’ is our pick of the females and will stay on breeding terms with us. She will stay with good friends of us, we are very pleased to be seeing her regularly and follow her progress :). Have fun with her guys!!



No words needed…. ❤ ❤ ❤ more pictures from our photoshoot last week here

Avonwolf Malinois 160118-43


So this morning after Ive done all the dogs, fed the pups and was about to go inside and then suddenly the pups were tugging with a massive piece of tripe and some had chicken wings…. Lucy thrown them her breakfast up again! She is so sorry for not feeding them anymore so she gives them her food! Star mama ❤

Two pupsters have left us today, grey boy – Avonwolf Delta Zulu – and brown girl -Avonwolf Deliverence –  I’m very happy to say they will both be training at our IPO club 🙂 so excited to see them progress!



Aaaaand another one has left the building!! Avonwolf Delta Warrior our light blue boy has left today into his new career as explosives detection dog on cruise ships where his big brother Milo (A-litter) is already waiting for him :). Best of luck with him Mandy and Roy!


For the remaining 8 it was a rather muddy day, it only rained once today….. in the evening we decided to give them some indoor adventures. We gave them some swimming lessons. That went very well and as a treat they all got their first duck wing right after the swim :). Happy and zonked out pups now!



6 weeks today!

Since I’m with fever in bed for the 3rd day in a row (yes nightmare!) my friends Verity and Sean have kindly offered to take the pups to our usual Jolley’s trip :). Fantastic!! Apparantly they were all very brave in the trolley and in the to them totally new car and everything – fab!

Also it was already time to say goodbye for the first one ;(, as always we’re saying goodbye with a smilie and a crying face! Having all these fab homes lined up for them makes it a lot easier though :). Pink girl – Avonwolf Dashka – is on the way to Scotland and will have a Rottie big brother. Best of luck with her Alex and Bridget, keep her safe ❤




Time is running!! Not long left with the D’s now… We still have people around daily, they have become a handful I have to say lol. They fight over food now as well, there characters are building big times. I think I have pretty much done the picks now! Some are already leaving in the next few days. Malis are very advanced in many things, some breeder keep their pups until week 12, sounds crazy to me looking at this lot! Working dogs are just so independent early, fairly wild it seems in many ways. These guys are ready for their exciting working life’s :). Everybody asks me if I will be very sad when they leave and yes part of me will miss them a lot. I have been very attached to this litter I have to say.. BUT since they all have fantastic homes lined up I’m very excited for them. Also black girl will be on breeding terms with good friends of mine so I’m excited to see her progress and another few will visit our IPO club every now and again so luckily I get to see them again.

The Pedigrees have arrived!!

Avonwolf Delta

Avonwolf Delta Zulu

Avonwolf Delta Warrior

Avonwolf Deliverance

Avonwolf Dashka

Avonwolf Double Dutch

Avonwolf Duchess Diva Ziva

Avonwolf Deep River

Avonwolf Dynamite

Avonwolf Darius


Lucy is done with them! No feeding anymore from her side, but since she’s feeling bad for not letting them drink anymore she now throws up her food every now and again to provide them with it! A very natural behaviour – beautiful mother instinct!


Today we’ve had a photoshoot with Caroline O’hare😃. I’m excited to see the whole lot she took, they will be able to be purchased on her website soon!



Time for the first trip! We took them on a car ride today to the fleece.. Everyone who has visited us already knows how bad our drive is! I have to say they did awesome!! No panik in the car and no throw ups at all – fab! Then at the fleece they were confident in exploring and very out going. Vox came as a big brother back up 🙂 he is the fleece mascot and knows every inch of the venue, so the perfect dog to bring and show them around.

Mondays are also tripe days at our house! So the pups joined in and had their first tripe as well now. Everything went down well.



Visitors, visitors, visitors 🙂 two lots a day everyday – they sure are used to people! Also our other dogs are going in to them regularly so dogs and people are definitely something they know by now!



We still have daily visitors and the weather is back to rubbish now… Today was time for the start of the second lot of worming, therefor I had to weight them and they are all between 2kg-3kg now. Also have they been on minced chicken for a few days now so I have started to mix beef and chicken. So I feed them 3 times a day, in the morning meat (about 600g for all 10 of them) with half a yoghurt, in the afternoon again 600g of meat with a carrot mix and in the evening, just before we go to bed, another 600g of meat and the other half of the yoghurt :). Lucy is not going in to them anymore, her nipples are sore and she’s had enough! So what we do is twice a day we do a round of 2 puppies at the time to take the top of her milk so she can slowly start to dry up now. Only 2 weeks to go until they are leaving us!! Some might even go a little before 7 weeks even. Time is running!!!


After a wet night we’ve had some sunshine today! So the pups have been in the garden from 11am – 5pm today.


The kennel club rang ALL NAMES ARE GRANTED👌🏻 registration is on the way😃👍🏻 I must say they were super fast this time. Fab news!


We have daily visitors, the little ones are very outgoing and pull on socks, legs and anything else hanging down🤣. For breakfast this morning was Beef minced with carrots, coconut and olive oil. They ‘dined’ whilst shots were fired. After a quick look up they carried on eating and the second shot didn’t even bother half of them to look up! Things are looking good😊



Busy busy times! Munchkins were 4 weeks old yesterday so this means it’s time for visitors! Of course they were all dying to see them so we started right away yesterday with one of the future owners of one of the girls. Lucy is totally cool with people now, we always give them 4 weeks before we start having people over. Then today the owners of one of the boys came to see them. They were also outside for a few hours and got their first nail clip!




So after we were flooded yesterday there were actually some sunshines today!! Of course I’ve rushed around to get the puppy playground ready outside so the little ones can catch a bit of Vitamin D. I’m impressed in how cool they were! They investigated everything, nothing bothered them. All the different floors, some of it moving and also they spread right out, went off on their owns and met all the other adults :). They are doing fantastic if I might say so myself – but have a look for yourself here.






So much love for these chunky monkeys😍




A new exciting year has began 🙂

Pupsters are doing great, they are a bit fat I have to say! I fed them 3 times yesterday, I think that was a bit much Lucy still has lots of milk so twice a day/night is plenty. Apart from Yoghurt and beef I have also given them some raw eggs with coconut oil. Coconut oil keeps worms and fleas away so always good to add to all dogs. We stopped weighing them now as well, I will hang on the spreadsheet we have for all our litters. It’s good to keep an eye on the weights! But now that they’re on solid food as well we know everyone gets enough, plus the fact tat it’s almost impossible now to keep them still on the scale for a couple of seconds!

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 13.54.10



Today we moved them into the conservatory 🙂 They loved it! Exploring everything, going through the tunnel – Lucy also loved it and stayed in there with them for a while. Things are happening that’s for sure!

This morning I’ve mouth swabbed all 10 pups to test them for SDCA2. If you want to learn about SDCA in the breed click here . No one will be affected since only one of the parents is a carrier (we’ve made sure of that!) carriers are absolutely healthy but they can not be bred with another carrier.

Now we wish you all a fantastic NYE 🙂 we wish our mini-D’s the best possible start into their new lives and many, many years of health and happiness!





3 weeks old today😃 time is running… Feeding works well now, I feed them 3 times a day/night (that’s right! Sleeping was yesterday lol) and Lucy does the invetweens with her super power milk! They have their proper collars on now as well, no more velcro. A couple of them started escaping from the whelping box! So we had to put higher walls in the corners – smart little things! – they vlimbed along the corner and popped out! Time for the conservatory with more space tomorrow. AND, brilliant news, I‘ve put news paper down now for them to ho to toilet on (Lucy no longet cleans up after them since their on dolid good now) within a day they figured it out and ho on the paper💪🏻👌🏻 Awesome little munchkins!!



Right then, I am no longer jobless! They‘ve had their worming paste for second day alread  today. Also did I try with a big meaty bone if they are ready for solid food and it’s a definite YES! So today they had minced beef with goatsmilk yoghurt and they loved it😊





Right, so Lucy is asking for help already… She is wining and looking at me now when the little ones shout – and they do shout! They are teething and Lucy only feds them for short periods now. Not long and I’ll need to step in and start them on solids, my goal is to wait for Friday when they are 3 weeks old. We’ll see if she can cope that long on her own, Chris reckons let her work hard for a few days and then she’ll get her well earned retirement :).

We are very much looking forward for the next stage now! They are loud – they walk – they play ❤ The whelping box is right under the tv and we watch films very loud on purpose. It’s never too early to get them used to loud noises and shooting sound! We’re also turning down the radiators more and more now to get them ready for colder temperatures. Our puppy run is ready outside, we’re just in need for some nice weather now (today was snow and the last few days extreme rain!). They will also move out into the conservatory in the next few days where we’ll put up the puppy playground – exciting times ahead!!!




(apolozies for the lack of pics, unfortunatley our internet is very, very slow at the moment and uploading pictures takes ages… FB has more updates currently)


They are walking!!! They have changed so much since the eyes opened, they play with each other now and walk very well already! Lucy is not cleaning 100% anymore now, she’s starting to leave them alone a bit longer now as well. I’m hoping she will fully feed them for at least another week – the longer the better – mother milk is the best👍🏻. But of course as soon as she struggles I‘ll step in. We‘ll see when she’ll ask for help😊


Individuals with open eyes 👀







Eyes are opening, so funny, when we lean over to grab them they are very noisy since they haven’t seen us before lol. Black girl has reached the 1kg mark!


Stuff is going on here! Black girl has opened her eyes today 🙂 I’m sure the others will follow in the next two days. We also have some moving on four legs – wobbly but it’s starting ❤ mixed up with crawling still of course. Barks are coming on too – they are awesome!! Lucy is still a top mum, now she’s in the middle of things again she’s happy to be with them most of the day :).

A few individuals for you today (I’m aware these pics are not amazing but it’s not that easy to take them believe me….):


Advanced girl black ❤





The whelping  box is now permanently in the livingroom- the way Mama-Lucy wanted it👍🏻. She’s now happy and back to an excellent mum! She was just fed up of being that far away I think 😊.



Lucy is bored!! She keeps coming down stairs every 5 minutes 🙄 but when we’re out playing with the ball she wants to go back to them🤷🏼‍♀️. So we‘ve put the pups in the livingroom and BINGO finally she settles and lets them drink all evening 👌🏻. So fast asleep that she snores loud enough that we have put the volume of our film up by almost double 😂.




Everybody is doing well😃 Lucy is doing an excellent job as always! She dosen’t need any help yet so apart from the weighing, adjusting the collars as they grow and change the sheets we are still without work. BUT that dosen’t mean we get full nights sleep! No no no, Lucy makes sure we suffer with her!! Since she’s pretty exhausted as you can imagine, she has red eyes since she can’t sleep many hours without being woken up by her demanding litte munchkins. No she makes sure we‘re doing it with her and comes into the bedroom with bursts of happiness lol. She comes in, rolls on the  bed (whilst making squeaky noises!) demands a belly rub and then wants to go in the garden for a pee and a dig around🙄. About 3 times a night (another 2 times we get awaken by the cat but that’s another story 🙈).

Of course we are happy when Lucy is!! She also wants food about every couple of hours. She’s on 2kg atm, a lot of bone for the calcium part. Yes we are having fun😂



Managed to do individuals today😊 enjoy!



I’m super happy today 🙂 the first 3 critical days are over and everybody is doing great!! Yesterday I wasn’t 100% sure since a couple have been a bit behind with drinking. So I checked on them every hour and made sure they were drinking! And today it’s looking great!! Awesome, we have 10 survivors – let’s get the party started!!

Lucy is happy as well, she is coming down in the frosty garden and rolls around from happiness <3.

10 happy and excited future Avonwolf owners have been contacted last night 🙂 I love that bit – people who have been waiting for one of these puppies for a very long time. I’m convinced the wait was worth it!







Everybody is doing well so far, a couple haven’t put on as much weight as the others so we’re watching them closley and give them some extra time with Lucy. Another night and they have hopefully caught up with the others.

3 pups had dewclaws on their back legs which we have removed today (these are loose and un-needed, they can become a hazard later in life and it is safer to have them removed).

Lucy is a star mum as always, she comes now in the room a couple of times at night just for a fuss and a happy roll around lol she’s a one in a million!! ❤

In the evening Lucy was due to a very much needed bath😂



Puppies are all reserved


Welcome to the world!

The D’s have arrived ❤


Lucy was restless all night, but since she always starts like that the night before we’ve decided to go to sleep around 1pm. She settled with us on the bed in the end and woke me up every hour for toilet goes. At 4.30, the third time I got woken up, she was on our bed and I saw her first contracion. Quick I went over with her in the whelping room and indeed the first puppy arrived at 4.44am, it is our red boy. A long night begins, Lucy takes her time in between pups! The blue boy arrived at 5.25am, 6.02am the green boy enters the world. 6.30 our first girl arrives followed by another male at 7.31. 8.06 we have our second girl, followed by another girl at 8.23 and a boy at 8.48. Last girl arrived at 9.01 and the last boy after a break and we thought that was it but it wasn’t :). He needed a tiny bit of help probably  because he came out back first plus Lucy was pretty exhausted already! But a little pull from me and he arrived safe at 10.42.

The weights are between 230g to 325g, that’s Lucy’s way – small pups but many! All seem strong and started drinking right away, we are all knackered but extremly happy that everything went smoothly and Lucy and her babies are doing great!!

Now it’s time to cheers to a healthy mum and litter ! 🍾🥂



We have a clear Temperatur drop!  – they are on the way😝. Lucy is very uncomfortable, she is very restless and busy making her bed. Unfortunately she has no intention in giving birth in the whelping box! The ball-chair is her chosen place!! I had to cover it up and make it inaccessible so now the couch and our bed are her second choices…..

In the next 24-48 hours🤞🏻🍀

This is how it went (Lucy has the Thermo microchip which makes it very easy to read her temperature by chip reading):

7th 11pm 36.6degrees

7th 12pm 36.2 degrees

8th 9am 36.o degrees

8th 1pm 35.8 degrees

8th 7pm 35.1degrees

8th 11.30pm 36.2 degrees



Day 59/63







Day 40/63




Day 34/64







Today we went for the scan and got pregnancy confirmed on 6+ healthy sacs in there :).

Exciting times!!!



Day 28/63

4 weeks on today😃 (Lucy always has a pregnancy ‘mascot’ this time it is a turtle we’ve bought in Germany at the mating. If it stays intact and won’t get destroyed we’re pretty certain she has taken 😉 )

Lucy has been mated to Howard on the 8th and 10th of October.

A ‘quick’ trip to Germany! After Chris’s B-day party on the 7th I drove off early in the morning on the 8th. It is a 10.5 hour drive from us to Howard and I was hoping to have a mating that day! So I arrived already in the dark but luckily it was ‘love at first sight’ lol and they had a tie within 10 minutes of arrival. Happy days, we have timed it right! I stayed two nights in a Hotel to get the best possibility by doing the second mating 36 hours later. We did just that and after her date in the morning of the 10th we went back home with crossed fingers 🙂


The D-litter is planned in autumn 2017 and will be Lucy’s 3rd and last litter.

We will use Howard des Mauvais, a dog we have been watching for a long time now! Howard is very impressive, level headed, strong and fast (more to Howard here).

IMG_1276Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 20.23.34

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 11.22.43


We have a lot of bookings for Lucy’s litter already, get in touch early if you are interested in a pup of her.