Born 25/26-08-18                                                                                                               Litter 5/5

Time to close the puppy diary!

As always it is with a heavy heart to say good bye to our pups. At the same time we are super excited to hear about their future mischievous 🙂 We’ve got another litter placed with fantastic homes and are therefor happy to see them go and will enjoy some silence lol. Wishing all of you a very healthy and happy life ❤ ❤ ❤ Keep us posted guys and hopefully we see each other again!


The last two pups, future officers I might say, have left us this morning! Avonwolf Echo (red male) and Avonwolf Eos (brown female) are on the way home. They are part of Cumbria Police now and have a very exciting life in front of them. Very best of luck with them guys.



Pink girl, ‘Avonwolf Evil Stella’ and blue boy ‘Avonwolf Electro Thunder’ have gone to Andrew Rowley at Woodborough Kennels. Another fantastic home! Andy couldn’t pick them up earlier as he was busy competing at the Globalring World Championship at the weekend in Belgium! Exciting future ahead of these two :). Good luck with double trouble Andy!



Today Lady orange has left, she is now called ‘Avonwolf Elsa’ and will join Farmer Chris and Emily at Emily’s Canine Country. I’m very pleased she has such a fab home, Chris has years and years of experience with working dogs and breeding. I’m excited how far he can bring this girlie!


Today started early at 7am with a pick up of miss black ‘Avonwolf Elektra’. She will become a security dog and her new mum left home at 2am (near Newcastle) to avoid traffic – fair play Cera! Later in the day miss purple, ‘Avonwolf Edin Tyr’ left us as well, she will be trained in IPO.



A busy morning today, ‘Avonwolf Enzo’ (green boy) has left into an IPO future with Steve and also ‘Avonwolf Elysium Rum’ (yellow male) is starting his IPO career with Andy. We are keeping breeding rights for Rum so the future stays exciting!! Best of luck boys!



Already that time now!! Today Nottinghamshire Police came down to pick up their boy. They did the Volhard puppy test on all the males and I’m very pleased to say that they all past with flying colours :). Great to hear, they took light blue boy with them ‘Avonwolf Eddie’.



Today I took the pupsters to Woodborough kennels. A great new enviroment with lots of dogs, kids and new sounds. Two of these pups will go there next week so it was great to bring them over for the day.



This evening we took the pups to Jolley’s, they experienced a busy pet shop, a trolly ride and lots of people including kids and dogs.



On a rainy day we did some indoor activities! Swimming lessons and environmentals on the slippery shower floor😃 they aced it!



Today we did a 1.5hr trip to Emily’s Canine Country in Yeovil! To my surprise they were quiet all the way! That might have been because Daddy Keith was in the car too and did a deep growl when someone started complaining lol. Who said only mums discipline 😂

Chris and Emily kindly prept a room for the little ones. With lots and lots to play with in there. It was very interesting how they reacted on the new grounds and with everything being new.

We’ve spent all afternoon there and had a lovley time!



Daily visitors still, the pups are showing character more and more😃 not long until we’re able to do the picks!


First trip today! As always we took the pups to the Fleece. Many different people, smells and grounds. Their first car ride went well, no being sick or anything (not even at our heavy dirthpath down!) but very noisy lol. They are very confident and outgoing, I’m very happy with them! Xia came as well to keep an eye on her babies although she much rather took over the attention:).



Second worming done today. Also did I fire the gun for the first time. They had a quick look and carried on eating. Next bangs were ignored👌🏻🔫 happy days!


4 weeks old already!! Time is running! Xia is still winning the award for best mum ever❤️



I threw in a couple of chicken carcasses today 🙈. Wow we have some possession towards each other in there!! Proper fighters!

They also had tripe and game along with the usual chicken and beef. Their stomach should be used to everything by the time they leave. Also do they love raw eggs with it.


Today the little ones stayed outside all day for the first time😃 it was a lovley sunny day. Xia had the run of the house and garden whilst I went out with the other three. The pups loved it! I am very pleased with this litter, they are extremely outgoing and curious- just fab!



4 weeks old already!! They already fight lol, loving the puppy pen down here and I can already tell they are very fearless! I hoovered in their pen when they are in there (and even Lucy hates the hoover!!) they came over curious towards the loud noise – love them! This morning Xia threw up her breakfast for them… Whole chicken wings and they were fighting over it!!! This means she is coming more and more off weaning them now. I’m not surprised as they have teeth now and they hurt! I feed them twice a day, they are used to chicken and beef so far and do well on it. Xia just tops them up – she is an amazing mum! Also is she totally fine when people sit in to them, it really is nice with her <3.



A busy day in the life of the E‘s today! They have moved into the conservatory, had to swallow a worming syrup and also had their first solid beef mince😃 things are definitely happening!



Individuals – enjoy! ❤




The eyes are starting to open👀



Not much to report, everybody is doing well and is busy growing. Weights vary between 810g the heaviest (brown girl) and 425g the lightest (black girl). Here some individuals for you, not much white at all this time, they are looking fairly dark.



I’m off to the FCI IPO world championship with daddy Keith tomorrow, so there won’t be too many updates for a couple of weeks. Chris will look after the gang and I’m sure he’ll do some pics every now and again which will keep you posted :).


Everybody is doing great! Xia is happy and already comes to play with the ball again in the garden. I’ve removed a few dewclaws, the useless ones at the back who aren’t attached with bone. Only 3 pups had some, all went well, no bleeding. Xia is looking in great condition!




In the morning of the 25th Xia already started to nest heavily. Secretly she wanted to have the E’s in the garden!


I found out by discovering two massive holes! As the day went on she became more unsettled, all she eat in these two days were chicken heads!! Towards the evening she started to destroy the puppy room… It’s like a tornado went on in that room!!! She found the puppy collars and burried them under the newspapers and towels. Therefor I knew it won’t be long with her wierd behaviour and sure enough at 20.50 the first girl arrived with 425g. Miss purple was so big that I had to help her out! Then about one hour later orange girl followed at 21.43 with 480g. At 22.23 the first boy arrived with 450g. Followed by another girl at 22.52 with 475g. Blue boy was the last for the 25th at 23.30 with 450g. I took Xia out for a couple of wees and a hose down by that point lol. At 00.27 another girl arrived with 490g. Green boy at 01.40 and yellow boy at 02.00. By now we’re knackered lol Xia had two ‘energy drinks’ lol (a raw egg with a tiny bit of icing sugar) to keep her going. She is clearly tired and keeps nodding off for minutes. We both think there is another pup in there but thought Xia need to get her energy back so Chris went to sleep whilst I curled up on the dog bed next to Xia lol. Two and a half hours later there was the pup we thought we still felt, black girl arrives at 04.32. She was a little smaller and I helped rubbing her a while as I was worried since she was so much later. But after a while she seemed happy and content drinking so I went to bed finally as well. In the morning I rushed in checking on them to make sure little black girl made it and I’m very happy to see them all happy and content drinking with an even happier mum!! Me and Chris spent the morning in there watching the young family :). When Chris goes to work at 11am I decided to leave them to it and get on with the house work. A couple of hours later I go back to check in on them and give Xia some food, I see two of the boys lost their collars and I’m thinking shoot now I don’t know which is which, also did I find some more blood on the towel but I thought that’s just a bit of ‘after juice’ from Xia. So I want to put the collar back on when I realised that isn’t two collars fallen off as the other 3 males are happily drinking! Mister light blue joined the party after about 8.5 hours!!! Around 1pm. Now we’re over the moon with a lovley litter of 10 and evenly with 5 males and 5 females. Xia did amazing ❤ ❤ ❤ 





Day 60/63

Fatso is about to pop😍 she’s digging for about a week already, the garden is full of holes🙄. Also dosen’t she eat much anymore- no room!! The only thing she fancies atm is chicken heads lol.

We‘re expecting the wild ones (you can tell already, they are having a party in there!!) anytime now. Xia is fed up – bless her.



Day 51/63

Puppy room is ready and approved of!



Day 42/63




Day 35/63



Today we took Xia for her scan and are over the moon to announce that she is pregnant with 8+ healthy looking puppies 😝🍾



20 minute tie this morning after the second mating 🤞🏻


The first mating took place this morning! Let’s cross our fingers now!! How exciting 🙂



Xia has started her season today!! Exciting times!!


The E-litter is planned with ‘Arrack’s Home Xia at Avonwolf’ and Avonwolf Al Capone Keith’.

Avonwolf Malinois 160118-61

This mating was planned a very long time, we have massive hopes in this breeding. Our hope is to have the best of both worlds with this match. Keith is a total prey junkie, will work always and everywhere always 100 miles an hour and loves to please. Xia on the other hand is a very serious and hard female. She is very independent and hits with extrem grips, she is not so much prey driven and therefor her obedience is not IPO style.

We have a combination of an excellent IPO dog in Keith and an outstanding KNPV female – super excited about this!

These pups should excel in any type of job, mainly protection jobs, but for sure not in a pet home!

We’re planning to do this mating in summer 2018.

Avonwolf Malinois 160118-63

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 19.49.29





If you are interested in one of these puppies please get in contact with us and let us know what your plans with the pup is. These puppies are strictly going into working and sport homes and NO busy family pets.