K-litter (current)


We‘re at Glastonbury working GP security, didn’t think we‘d have another mating but they tied again at the festival🙊.

Last mating with the Glastonbury spirit!


Mojo was covered by Keith daily since Sunday with nice long 20-30 minute ties.


They’ve had a 20 minute tie this morning in the garden after a lot of flirting the whole of last night 🙂

The K-litter is with Trixy van het Dreiland (Mojo) and Avonwolf Al Capone Keith.

Update: Mojo has been bred to Keith 19-06-22

I’m expecting dogs with extreme drives, medium in size and a great will to please. These dogs should suit any type of working home – no lazy homes lol they are both with super stamina to go all day.