Every now and again people ask us to help re-locate a Mali in need of a new home. Dogs who are about to be put down because of issues or Mali owners who realise they are not the right breed for them are sadly becoming more common these days.

It’s better to relocate a dog to the right home than to keep it in an environment where the owners don’t have the necessary skills to look after such a high-drive breed  – it won’t benefit the dog or the owner.

We will try our best to re-home or re-train any Malis who is in need.  Contact us if you have a case like this and need some help or advice.

So far we have been lucky. All of our rescues have found great homes!

We are asking for a small fee for anyone who is giving one of our rescues a new home. The money goes in our rescue pot which covers food and petrol for future rescues.

We also work together with the Belgian Shepherd Rescue of Great Britain

At the moment we are looking for a home for:


About neutering:

We prefer to take in dogs who have NOT been neutered. We do not support neutering. Some people believe you get a calmer and easier dog if you neuter it. We say it’s better to not get a powerful breed in the first place!

By neutering this breed you are taking a big part of the animal away (especially with males) and it can destroy a dogs confidence.

Once a dog is neutered it often loses it’s ‘edge’ which makes it difficult to relocate to a working home. At the same time it will still be unsuitable as a domestic pet as a neutered Mali is still a Mali and even with 10-20% less drive it is still a working dog!

There are other ways of making sure an intact dog won’t breed, please be a responsible owner and control your dog around females in heat or keep your female in heat on a lead.

More infos on neutering click here

Success stories:



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