‘Avonwolf Calibre’

Calibre is at our club and in training for IPO with Seb.

‘Avonwolf Crackers’ alias Nick

Nick lives with Jacqui and Paul Murray and will be worked in working trials.

‘Avonwolf Captain Maverick’

Maverick will be trained by Hayley, an ex doghandler by the police and now fulltime dog trainer.


‘Avonwolf Chunky Mabel’

Mabel lives with Cameron and Clare Burns and will be Cameron’s PP dog in the future. She also has a big brother now, Brogan a GSD.

‘Avonwolf Crystal Kodi’

Kodi went to Scotland and will be worked in IPO by Lawrence Jack. She also has a American Bulldog big sister now.

‘Avonwolf Chilli’

Chilli will be worked in IPO at our club and will also be back for a litter with us if all health tests will be good :).