Avonwolf Edin Tyr

Tyr is in training for IPO

Avonwolf Elsa

Elsa is living at Emily’s Canine Country and is mainly going to be a tracking dog

Avonwolf Echo and Avonwolf Eos

Echo and Eos are both with Cumbria Police

Avonwolf Evil Stella alias Storm and Avonwolf Electric Thunder

Storm and Thunder are at Woodborough Kennels and in training for Globalring


Avonwolf Electro Thunder & Avonwolf Evil Stella

Avonwolf Elektra

Ellie is in training to become a security dog

Avonwolf Enzo 

Enzo is in training to become an IPO dog

Avonwolf Elysium Rum

Rum is also in training to IPO

Avonwolf Eddie

Eddie is withNottinghampshire Police