Avonwolf B-litter Lucy & Nero

“Avonwolf Born Free Elsa”

Elsa is in training towards IPO and is co-owned by us. If things work out she will come back for two breedings. She now lives with Darcy, her German Shepherd big brother.


“Avonwolf Bjarki” alias Bear.

Bjarki will be worked in Security.





“Avonwolf Beanie’s Dizzy Dora”

Dora now lives with 4 other dogs, 3 Border Collies and a Terrier. She will start her agility career soon.

“Avonwolf Bia”

Breagh lives in Scotland now, has a German Shepherd big brother and will start her agility training soon.

“Avonwolf Benthe Saga”

Saga will be worked in IPO.

“Avonwolf Brooke”

Skye will be worked in IPO.

“Avonwolf Blue Velvet”

Ivy is worked in IPO and will also be a security dog.

“Avonwolf Belissima”

Belle will be an agility dog and also has a go at IPO. She will also be tried in the show ring!

“Avonwolf Bonzo Vox”

Vox is staying with us and is in training for IPO.

“Avonwolf Beer”

Beer lives in Holland and is in training for IPO.

“Avonwolf Buster”

Buster lives in Scotland now.