Avonwolf A-litter Lucy & Maho

“Avonwolf Asianne Misha”

Misha is a hobby agility girlie and has a Mali sister as well.



“Avonwolf Albert Sid”

Sid is in training towards IPO and working trials.

“Avonwolf Arkan”

Arkan was in training towards IPO when he sadly had an accident. Arkan was pts at the age of 4 months – r.i.p. little man ;(

“Avonwolf Amelie”

Karma is a security dog and has a Rottie big brother now.

“Avonwolf Al Capone Keith”

Keith is with us, he is in training to IPO and will be part of our breeding program.

“Avonwolf Asterix”

Milo is a security dog and has now two brothers. Bomb sniffing dog Alfie, a springer spaniel and Logan a security dog GSD.

“Avonwolf Anya”

Piper lives on a farm and helps to work the farm animals.

“Avonwolf Alexa”

Alexa is an operational security dog and also in training towards IPO. She lifes in Liverpool with our friend John and is on breeding terms with us.


“Avonwolf Ariel Red”

Red is worked in Obedience and lifes with Cody a Mali ‘sister’

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