Rocco is HOME! 🙂 Our handsome boy had many interests very quickly. He also passed the assessment to become an operational Prison dog – how ever not the right handler was available as he couldn’t have been handed over to a novice dog handler. After all he has now found his home where he has a big Mali sister who tells him what’s right and wrong 😉 – we are very happy and wish Rocco and Andy all the best in their future together.

Rocco is a 12 month old Malicross, he came to a rescue place because the owner couldn’t cope with his dominance and the dog started mouthing. At the rescue place he became very boisterous after a few days and the staff were fritghtend to take him out. They were going to put an end to this and decided to put him down.

Luckily an officer from the Avon and Somerset police informed us about Rocco and we got him out of there just in time!

He is now with us and started his training.

We are looking for an experienced home for Rocco without any intact males. He is a strong dominant dog who will easily take over if not handled right. Rocco needs a job to be happy and is not suited as a pet.



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