Chica’s X-rays look excellent!

Great news, back hips and elbows of Avonwolf Gossip Girl look fantastic!! We are awaiting her BVA results but will definitely plan a litter with her next year. Exciting times ahead 🙂

3 thoughts on “Chica’s X-rays look excellent!

  1. Hi guy’s,
    My 14year & 4 month old black lab past away last week, it’s our 3rd dog to live to 14years .
    My wife grew up with a German Shepard dog and has wanted one for a long while , I am reluctant to take one on because of the hip problems the after a little research the Belgian Malinois is perfect for our needs. My wife adores the stance and looks of Chica so may we put our name down for a future male dog.
    John& chrys karman

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