They have found the second type of Ataxia!

Finally we have answers! Our green boy was affected by this type of Ataxia. Unfortunatly there are still more types of this horrible illness to be discovered. We ask all our breed friends – owners – breeder to send blood of their dogs to the University in Bern for research purpose. They will store it and use it for these discoveries of illnesses and health problems.

There are a lot of carriers out there, let’s get them all tested so we can avoid the illness!!  To be a carrier is ok, just not to match a carrier with a carrier. There are too many carriers out there to avoid, otherwise we will end up with different problems!

Everybody who wants to breed with a dog from us will need to test their dogs, tests can be done via mouthswab so it’s very simple and not cost effective at all. Let’s all do this to help the breed progress forward!!

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