Lucy is back on track!

Babybreak is over! Only 4 months since our supergirl has given birth to 11 Maligators and already we have done a trial yesterday. Lucy loves to work so we didn’t wait around and got back into it 🙂 we started for WDex yesterday in Upottery (Devon). Lucy did a fab track, a great search square (got all articles out within 2 mins) but we had some chewing on the present. Unfortunatly I messed up big times on the send away by setting her up wrong… An excercise Lucy always excels in – unfortunatly she run to far to the right which cost us a LOT of marks. The obedience was good but Lucy was VERY drivey and commented it all by barking. Not something i’d expected or she’d ever done but i guess as it’s been a while since she worked a trial her excitment got the better of her! Scale, long jump and clear jump were perfect so altogether i’m super happy with her performance and she shows me clearly that she is ready to trial again!

Unfortunatly we didn’t make it by half a point… my buggered up sendaway cost us too many points.. off to the next one 🙂


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