Mr. Bowie van Arne’s Hoeve



It is a sad day for us today! Although i should be excited as we’re off to america in the morning, instead i’m having tears in my eyes…

Bowie came to us for 6 months training before he would go to his final home. This time is over now and we’ll have to let him go. Knowing that he will have a very good home helps, but Bowie is part of the family and it is hard to let go.

We will carry on the training with him as he stays in the club, so i’ll see him a few times a week.

Bowie, an exeptional dog in my eyes, he has changed my opinion about german shepherds in a very positive way!

What a dog! He definetly has got the wow effect especially when it comes to protection.
Patrick bred a very impressive dog, it was a plesure having him around!




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