Avonwolf Asterix

Milo is a dog from the combination Lucy x Maho.

Our A-litter shows incredible potential in most areas! This boy is trained as security dog (however will NOT be homed into security again!). He’d make a super sports dog, IPO or agility also he’d excel in nosework – snifferdog or else.

A dog with huge potential!!

He will be back with us and we will look for his perfect home. We will take our time assessing every intrest.


Milo is a sharp boy with a protective nature. He’s not very big in size, lives currently indoors (which preferably we’d like to carry on) is used to being in a car crate for several hours. He loves his family (including very young children) is used to dogs and cats. People and dogs outside his family he don’t want anything to do with (typical Mali). He loves to work, his speed is incredible and his jumps are excellent.

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